Thursday, September 28, 2006

New Postage Stamp

I just received this in an email:

"MUSLIM CHRISTMAS STAMP How ironic is this??!! They don't even believe in Christ and they're getting their own Christmas stamp-- but don't dream of posting the Ten Commandments on federal property?!!

REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of PanAm Flight 103!
REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993!
REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon!
REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the military barracks in Saudi Arabia!
REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the American Embassies in Africa!
REMEMBER the MUSLIM bombing of the USS COLE!
REMEMBER the MUSLIM attack on 9/11/2001!
REMEMBER all the AMERICAN lives that were lost in those vicious MUSLIM attacks!

Now the United States Postal Service REMEMBERS and HONORS the EID MUSLIM holiday season with a commemorative first class holiday postage stamp. REMEMBER to adamantly and vocally BOYCOTT this stamp when purchasing your stamps at the post office. To use this stamp would be a slap in the face to all those AMERICANS who died at the hands of those whom this stamp honors."

You could choose to look at this a few different ways...
1) America is just plain dumb enough to celebrate and honor their attackers (who hate us by the way)
2) The American people are so ignorant that no one will know what the stamp represents ("Oh! That's a pretty design! Let's get that for our Christmas cards this year!")
3) America has suddenly transformed into a radically Christianized country and we are merely "loving our enemies as ourselves."

What do you think? Any other ways to look at this?


erin said...

I don't think Americans are all that dumb. I think a lot of Americans try to welcoming and accepting to all cultures, and that's probably where the stamp came from in the first place. After all, there are many Muslim Americans, too. So, overall, I think the email is sort of lame. Sorry, N.

Cara said...

Well, I have a different perspective..... I have a cousin who married a Muslim (she was forced, though the family did everything they could to stop it~~my dad is a minister so he was actively involved, hence my harsh feelings) and they quickly had a child, just so that they could get divorced. Wanna know why they got divorced? Because my cousin wouldn't agree to shave the baby's head when she was born, according to some stupid tradition. And the saga continues.... I could tell you story, after story, AFTER STORY. The long and short of it is: 1) She should have NEVER gotten married to someone so into his own culture. I mean, you have to be able to compromise when it comes to 2 totally oppposite religious beliefs, and thankfully, neither of them was willing to compromise. And it has since come out that his motive for getting married in the first place was so that he could "convert" a Christian (aka my cousin) so that he could "win" a spot in heaven..... Sorry Sajjod, you LOST. 2) Yes, the Muslims, for the most part, do dislike us, and they have caused tragedy in our lives as a country, so why do we try to befriend them by commemorating a special stamp? It is beyond me. 3) I will avoid the stupid stamp at ALL costs.

Now, I am aware that there are "good Muslims" out there, and God bless them. (God bless them ALL for that matter). But the ones who caused tragedy in our lives, and the ones who think that their beliefs are all that matter, screw them. There is no hatred in my heart, whatsoever, because that would be counter-productive, but a strong dislike indeed. And this is only because the very likeness of this situation has literally pulled my family apart.....

So, I guess your opinion can be altered by your own life experiences.


Anonymous said...

No way would I spend a penny to purchase a stamp commerating anything muslim, espcailly since our own county is so anti "10 commandments...nativities on gov. property. This is ...was a country based on a strong beleif in God's soverenty not I am muslim and want to rid the whole world of anyone who isn't muslim.
Just my view point

Postage stamp said...

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