Thursday, January 28, 2010

Babes in Bangs

I gave both of the girls their first "haircut" yesterday (just bangs)! They looked so cute I had to share-- and I couldn't just pick one photo, so bear with me :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

29 Weeks

I will start with the check-up that I had last week. Everything is looking good. Bug's heart rate was averaging 145 bpm, and I measured at 27cm. Fern told me that "her heart was filled with happiness" that Bug moves constantly :) I downed the delicious orange nectar for the glucose test, and haven't heard anything from them, which I am suppose to take as a good sign.

This week I have been totally amazed at how much this little Bug wiggles! With my first two pregnancies, I could definitely feel the kicking and squirming, but this time I can actually feel really precise movements. Like when Bug does a somersault. Or turns over. Or moves and arm. Or bats an eyelash. And it seems that s/he moves a LOT more than the last two did, but maybe it's just because I can feel more.

I am already to the point where my belly feels really heavy. Sitting down isn't even a great relief anymore. Laying down is my only comfort, but only in the right position. If I am not correctly positioned, then laying is no better than sitting, or standing. I am genuinely shocked that I have already reached this level of discomfort, because I know I have a long way to go still. I fear for 10 weeks from now!

I've been having some contractions lately-- more than I should. Last night i had 8-10 in the course of an hour, which had me a little worried. But after laying down and drinking a big glass of water, they calmed down. I've had several more today, none consistently, which has made me realize I need to take it a little easier. A hard thing to do with two active toddlers to care for!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daddy of the Month Award

Both of these clips were caught candid this morning as Jared interacted with the girls. I ran to get my camera when I saw it. He is an incredible Daddy.

Monday, January 18, 2010

27 and 28 Weeks

I missed last week because of our surprise vacation (see previous post). So I will report for the past two weeks.

In week 27, I got a severe case of dry skin and strange dry patches all over my body. I tried to "grease up" with Eucerin whenever I got out of the shower, but even that did not always help. At one point, my skin was flaming red and rough and looked sunburned where it was so dry. Jazlyn has been suffering the same problem with rough, dry skin on her torso. (Time to get a humidifier.) So when I heard we were going to a more humid climate for week, I hoped it would help both of us-- and it did. Since we arrived back in the dry North, I have been trying baby oil as a moisturizer and have been pleased with that so far.

Bug is a little dickens sometimes and is already getting super strong. S/he kicks constantly, and at least once a day (usually more) kicks so hard that I yelp. And strangely, it is usually in the same spot that these blows are delivered. I don't remember feeling kicks of this strength until much closer to the end of my other two pregnancies. My whole belly jumps when Bug is moving and kicking now, so much that I sometimes wonder if other people see it.

I am now down to one pair of jeans that fit, maternity jeans no less (something I got away with not wearing during my first and second). I had two pairs of jeans several sizes larger than my normal size that I was able to wear for the duration of my previous pregnancies, that I have already outgrown. Yikes.

I have the glucose test on Thursday morning, as well as my 28 week check. I'll report then.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Surprise Vacation

Jared surprised me last Saturday by walking me to his computer and showing me that the four of us were listed on a flight to Florida for Monday morning! He had planned a 5 day vacation with Richard and Erin, who we were going to meet there, and told me to start packing!

So Monday morning we got up at 4:30am, and headed to the airport. We flew into Fort Myers, spent a night at a beautiful hotel on the ocean, and then drove to Orlando for two days. While we were there, we went swimming, relaxed (a little!), visited briefly with Pastor Gregg and Heidi, and went to Disney World. Then drove back to Fort Myers for a night before catching our plane home on Friday. It was a whirlwind vacation, and a lot of work with little girls (and a pregnant Mommy), but it was wonderful.

We went straight to the beach when we arrived

Finally at the ocean... Sophia talked about it for days

Pretty pink sunset

Spending more time on the beach the next morning before leaving for Orlando
Sweet moments with Daddy

Me and my girls

Me and my Love


Sneaking some tasty sand

Rockin the shades
Ready to swim!

It was COLD. The daddy's had the job of going in the pool with the girls. Too cold for us moms!
Jaz was way more interested in the leaves than the freezing pool.

Disney World!

DesVousges on It's a Small World

One of many rides on the carousel

Hangin with one of my best girls
Can't go to Disney without getting a picture of this

Sophia's FAVORITE thing in the world right now is Little Mermaid, so she got a very special doll at Disney. She still won't put her down!
Jazi lovin up her new singing Belle dolly!
Both of the girls were fast asleep by the time we left the Disney gates!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Running in Circles

When Curious George just can't hold our attention, there are plenty of other things to do.

Like run in circles...

...until we're very, very dizzy.

Monday, January 04, 2010


26 Weeks

I consider myself superwoman for the day, because I got my 26 week picture taken AND posted on the right day. It's not easy and rarely happens :)

This week has been completely exhausting. I know that every week I say I am exhausted, but I fear I have been misusing the word. Now I know what exhausted really means. I could fall asleep typing this if I let myself. I dont think there has been a single moment this week when I didn't feel exhausted-- maybe even while I'm sleeping.

I have also started experiencing the cruel trick pregnancy sometimes brings wherein Mama is starving, and nothing, I repeat nothing, I dare to think of eating ceases to make me gag. I do not want to eat a single solitary thing (besides, OF COURSE, a steak), but I am sooooo hungry. So I lovingly choke down almost every meal, determined to nourish wee Bug, even if I have to throw up to do it. Gack.

My sore spot from last week has slowly diminished and I can barely feel where it was now. I think Ariel was right about it being an internal bruise from Bug pressing on one spot for too long.

I probably say this every pregnancy, but I think this is the most active baby yet. S/he moves ALL. THE. TIME. Even when I'm sleeping. I will wake up to turn over, and Bug is still kicking and boxing at my innards.

Craving of the week: Gag.