Monday, January 04, 2010

26 Weeks

I consider myself superwoman for the day, because I got my 26 week picture taken AND posted on the right day. It's not easy and rarely happens :)

This week has been completely exhausting. I know that every week I say I am exhausted, but I fear I have been misusing the word. Now I know what exhausted really means. I could fall asleep typing this if I let myself. I dont think there has been a single moment this week when I didn't feel exhausted-- maybe even while I'm sleeping.

I have also started experiencing the cruel trick pregnancy sometimes brings wherein Mama is starving, and nothing, I repeat nothing, I dare to think of eating ceases to make me gag. I do not want to eat a single solitary thing (besides, OF COURSE, a steak), but I am sooooo hungry. So I lovingly choke down almost every meal, determined to nourish wee Bug, even if I have to throw up to do it. Gack.

My sore spot from last week has slowly diminished and I can barely feel where it was now. I think Ariel was right about it being an internal bruise from Bug pressing on one spot for too long.

I probably say this every pregnancy, but I think this is the most active baby yet. S/he moves ALL. THE. TIME. Even when I'm sleeping. I will wake up to turn over, and Bug is still kicking and boxing at my innards.

Craving of the week: Gag.


carrie said...

I have also been craving steak all the time. People have been telling me that means it is a boy. Girls make you crave things like fruits and veggies.

erin said...

This post made me laugh out loud, a couple times. "I have been misusing the word." LOL!
Carrie, What does it mean if you crave potato chips and candy?

carrie said...

I think junk food or meat and potatoes is a boy thing - or least, maybe that is what they are referring to. Girls are probably supposed to be healthy - ya right.