Wednesday, January 27, 2010

29 Weeks

I will start with the check-up that I had last week. Everything is looking good. Bug's heart rate was averaging 145 bpm, and I measured at 27cm. Fern told me that "her heart was filled with happiness" that Bug moves constantly :) I downed the delicious orange nectar for the glucose test, and haven't heard anything from them, which I am suppose to take as a good sign.

This week I have been totally amazed at how much this little Bug wiggles! With my first two pregnancies, I could definitely feel the kicking and squirming, but this time I can actually feel really precise movements. Like when Bug does a somersault. Or turns over. Or moves and arm. Or bats an eyelash. And it seems that s/he moves a LOT more than the last two did, but maybe it's just because I can feel more.

I am already to the point where my belly feels really heavy. Sitting down isn't even a great relief anymore. Laying down is my only comfort, but only in the right position. If I am not correctly positioned, then laying is no better than sitting, or standing. I am genuinely shocked that I have already reached this level of discomfort, because I know I have a long way to go still. I fear for 10 weeks from now!

I've been having some contractions lately-- more than I should. Last night i had 8-10 in the course of an hour, which had me a little worried. But after laying down and drinking a big glass of water, they calmed down. I've had several more today, none consistently, which has made me realize I need to take it a little easier. A hard thing to do with two active toddlers to care for!


jim said...

One of the joys of living so close to you is being able to "off-load" some of the responsibilities of your "Mommyhood" Please ask or just show up on our doorstep when the need for relief comes knocking.

Papar (Baboo)

Abby said...

you are beautiful to me.

The Smackeys said...

Babe, you look amazing this week! Hope those contractions die out for you. Drink your water and cranberry juice. Wish I could take those girlies for you and give you a little rest! Love you!