Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Holiday Festiveness

Erin graciously pointed out that I have not posted in a week. It's not like I have any great excuse, other than I simply forget I have such a loyal reading audience. :)
Since today IS Halloween, I suppose I can relate a few thoughts on the event...

Jared and I have been getting very festive in our new home, as the holiday season draws near. We are both "holiday lovers" and have started to "get festive" in any way we can. The only thing is, that we have not confined our "festiveness" to one holiday at a time...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...what's the difference really? I am afraid that if someone walked into our house they may be confused on which holiday we are trying to celebrate.

We started all the festivities by getting pumpkins in September. (That should set the tone for the whole post...) Jared picked out a HUGE daddy pumpkin for himself and a slightly smaller mama pumkpin for me. And now, after a big night of carving last night, our big mama and daddy pumpkins are joined by an adorable little kitten pumpkin! We have planned several new recipes to try this year for our annual tradition of making flavored pumpkin seeds. We also have been very excited to get lots of little trick-or-treaters, and yesterday went and bought a HUGE bag of candy that contains 102 pieces! (I am pretty sure there are only about 90 at this point...)

Then, only a week later (now the first week of October) we moved right along to Thanksgiving. I bought some very harvest-y salt and pepper shakers that are in the shape of multi-colored corn cobs. They have been brightening up our kitchen table ever since! Also, in the spirit of fall, I constantly have three candles burning: Harvest, Autmumn Wreath, and Mulled Apple Cider. My house always smells DELICIOUS!

And finally, of course, we couldn't forget Christmas! We have just begun our preparations to celebrate this holiday by purchasing a 2-gallon jug of apple cidar, that we have already mulled (with lots of delicious spices) on many occasions! And, to our pure delight, Egg Nog hit the local Wal-Mart a few days ago, and there was no way we could pass that one up! We have been planning all the details of our Christmas letter, and trying to decide on the perfect picture to include. Maybe next week we will put up the tree...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Food We Eat

You know how if you think too long or hard about almost anything, it starts to seem really weird? Well, this week I have been thinking a lot about the food I eat. Jared and I had a discussion that went something like this:

N: "Isn't it strange the combinations people have come up with? Think about something as simple as mashed potatos even... taking a vegitable out of the ground, putting it in water and then mashing it until its smooth, then adding some cow milk fat that has been stirred for hours until it hardened, then taking some mineral build-up from the ocean, and presto! You have mashed potatos with butter and salt."
J: "Actually, they get salt from mines."
N: "They do? I thought it all came from oceans... Do they really get it from mines? Are the mines in places that there used to be water?"
J: "Well, yeah."
N: "Oh, so it does all come from water."
J: "Well, yeah, all minerals that build up come from water."
N: "Well, that's what I thought. But anyways, aren't the food combinations weird?"
J: "Yeah, they are!"

Just think about your favorite dish and the origins of each of the ingredients. The combinations start to seem really strange, and you realize that would never have thought of putting those things together but you are very thankful that someone did!

Monday, October 23, 2006


I know that almost everyone that actually reads my blog (sorry Kristi), was at my birthday party last night. I just want to take a moment to tell you all how amazed and blown away I am at everyone's generosity. I had the best birthday party this year that I have ever had. You all made my day more special than I could ever have imagined!

Last night when we got to Sawatdees I was a little pooped out from being around the extended family all day, so I wasn't feeling extremely energetic and social. But the moment everyone walked in the door, you all calmed my nerves and made me feel so loved and special.

As everyones knows, I don't do too well in the spotlight... I can't handle everyone's attention all at once, but I just love each and every one of you so much and you all made me feel so at ease and comfortable. Thank you for all the love you have showered on me, for driving to Mpls to celebrate with me, and for all the BEAUTIFUL gifts! I honestly love every single present I got last night. You guys have MUCH better taste than my extended relatives!

So THANK YOU to everyone who showed so much care for me, and made my birthday the best GOLDEN birthday I could have wished for!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

How Many Are There???

Have you ever wondered how many people in the world have the same name you do? Here is your chance to find out!
I thought this was interesting, but I am somewhat skeptical about the accuracy of these statistics. But in any case, it is just a fun little thing to do!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

The "Golden" Year

October is such a wonderful month...mainly because I was born in it! I made my debut on earth on October 23, 1983 in Glennallen, Alaska. For those math wizards out there, you have probably already figured out that this year is my golden brithday. Which, actually, could be somewhat of a disapointment to me. Funny as it is, my golden birthday is something I have looked forward to since I was a little girl. I have thought about it and how wonderful and magical it would be, just as I drempt of my wedding. But now that the year is actually here, and the event only days away, somehow that magic is lost on me. I am not a princess with storehouses of gold to swim thru (Like in DuckTales, my childhood inspiration of what a "golden" birthday should be!)

But, really, as I look at my life, I couldn't be happier. I have an amazing husband, a beautiful home, wonderful friends, a fabulous job, health, 2 cars, 3 pets, the laptop I am writing this on.... the list goes on. So, no, I am not at all disapointed. I wouldn't change a thing.

This birthday truly will be "golden." I am going to spend it with family and friends, all gathering to honor me and celebrate the fact that I am alive. That is something so dear and special to me that I can hardly describe it. That is worth far more than any amount of gold.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thriftiness at the Thrift Store

You come to realize that you have reached a certain level of "stingy" when you plan your trips to the thrift store only on the days when they are having a 50% off special. I have arrived. And I am just fine with that. I love thrift store shopping. I love finding the treasures among the rubble. It is sort of like a treasure hunt-- an adventure. And I have never once come out without finding some sort of treasure. So, it is all worth it... especially at 50% off!

At our thrift store, everything is 50% off on all holidays. So, I always plan my trips accordingly. Yesterday, being Columbus Day, was my first trip to the thrift store this entire summer. I was very excited and ready to start digging. After 2 hours of wandering the aisles I was very pleased with my findings:

2 new Old Navy shirts for Jared $1.50 each
1 NWA uniform shirt for Jared $1.25
1 long-sleeved stylish flannel shirt for Jared $1.75
1 pair of perfectly fitting Express jeans for me $3.00
1 pair Banana Republic black pin-striped slacks for me $5.00
1 pair gray (with blue pin-stripes) slacks for me $1.75
1 vintage Coach brown leather purse (in very good condition) $30.00



Friday, October 06, 2006

Russia's Best

Did you guys see this? It was featured on Yahoo a few days ago...WOW! I have listened to this guy twice since then. It is a guy singing in a Russian (American Idol type) compitition, and he hits an incredibly high note-- amazingly high. I am afraid he has his nuts in a rubber band or something!
So anyways, immediatly after finding this video, I had to call Jared to the computer and we watched it in amazement together (Well, I watched in amazement. Jared got that "weirded-out" look on his face, the same one that would appear if a gay guy was trying to hit on him-- you know that look?) But then after the song was done, we both looked at eachother and then burst into song, each trying to hit the note this Russian just hit. We stood in our kitchen taking turns screeching at the top of our lungs trying to hit that note in any way possible. We didn't care if it sounded good or bad, we just wanted to find the note. Well Jared couldn't make it even close, but it was really hilarious to listen to him try. He tried and tried to hit the highest note possible and I stood in front of him laughing and laughing. Then I would try, and he would laugh. It was a really fun, strangely bonding experience for us!
But finally in all of my femininity, I made my way up the musical scale and hit the note! It was at the very tippy top of my limit and was much more of a scream-type sound the beautiful music, but that is beside the point girls! It is definately in the range of sound that, if forced for more than about 2 seconds, your voice immediatly goes hoarse and your throat hurts.
Anyways, watch the video, if nothing else, it is amusing.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

What's in a Name...

I thought this was amusing and wanted to share the joy with you. I included my answers for your entertainment!

1. NASCAR NAME: (father's middle name, mother's middle name)
Darell Gene

2. YOUR RADIO STATION- (W last letter in first, middle and last name)

3. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet and first street name)
Smokey Victory

4. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (g-father/g-mother on your mothers side, your favorite candy)
Betty Dove

5. YOUR "FLY GIRL" NAME: (first initial of first name, first 2 or 3 letters of your middle name) Nros

6. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite month, favorite animal)
October Kitten

7. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born)
Rose Glennallen

8. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name, first 2 letters of mom's maiden name.)

Try it for yourself! The results can be really funny!

I love the FALL

I love the fall... when the air is cool and crisp and it bites at your nose. I love it when the leaves change colors and show off to all creation their astounding beauty. I love going on walks on fall evenings and wearing my favorite pair of jeans and my comfiest sweatshirt. I love coming home after your walk, with pink cheeks from the cool autumn air. I love the late fall when the leaves fall to the ground and crunch underfoot-- that sound brings back so many memories. I love picking out a best pumpkin to carve and set on the step. I love trying new recipes for baked pumpkin seeds. I love getting fall scented candles, and smelling the sweet fragrance of spiced pumpkin and apple cider. I love searching for the most beautiful leaves, in perfect shape with no worm holes or tears and vibrant in color, to press in a book and preserve. (When I was young, my mom would take us outside during the fall and help us collect several beautifully colored leaves. Then we would go home and press them in the series of encyclopedias she had and eventually, when they were dry enough, we would iron them between two pieces of wax paper and make bookmarks for my grandparents. That is a memory I love and want to share with my children some day.)