Monday, August 31, 2009

8 Weeks

I am still very tired this week, even more so than last week. Two days this week, I struggled through the day feeling like I had been hit by a truck. I have not been lucky enough to catch any naps lately, so I am sure that has contributed to my total lack of energy.

I have already developed a slight bump, but I am afraid it may be from the 8 pounds I've already gained... I know my kidney bean of a baby doesn't even weigh a fraction of one pound yet, so it's just been me eating my weigh to pregnancy bliss. In my defense, I only eat when I am hungry, but I am constantly hungry...

Craving of the week: Mr. Freezies

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This week...

... Jazlyn can stand on her own for as long as she wants!

Starting yesterday, she is experimenting with taking a step or two! She only does well with this when she doesn't know anyone is watching. She gets too excited and looses her balance when we cheer her on. She will be walking in a week I bet. (I think she could now if she calmed down!)

Jazlyn's newest favorite game. I think it's good practice...

Daddy's Little Helpers

It's a wonder he actually cooked the meat to perfection with no hands...

Pretty Pretty Princess


Monday, August 24, 2009

7 Weeks

Seven weeks today. (I feel like I just wrote about being 6 weeks.) I could pretty much sum up my current state-of-being in one word:


All the time. If I could, I would sleep until 11am, and then take a nap at 2. That sounds great, but far from reality. The fatigue has slowly eaten away at my patience, and I have become a total crab the past few days. I have had to apologize to my husband, and children, several times for my bad attitude and impatience.

Besides the lack of energy, I feel hungry more often than normal, but not constantly. When I do eat, it seems to take more to fill me up. The foods that sound good at this point are: deli-meat sandwhichs (esp with sprouts), cold fruits, raw/cooked veggies, chicken. Anything greasy or fried sounds awful and makes me a little queasy thinking about it! I am not going to survive well at the State Fair next week!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Jared's New Blog

My husband started a blog!!! (But readers beware: He tends to have a strong opinion on every subject except the color of my hair or what I should wear any particular day.) Check it out!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jazlyn Update

This post is more for me than anyone else, so that I can remember when the kids reached their milestones.

Jazlyn is 10 1/2 months now. She has been making so much progress!

-She currently has 2 teeth, with a third considering joining the party
-She finally has just enough hair to pull into two little piggies (which look much more like bug antennae than pig tails!)
-She is getting really good on her feet and mastering the art of balance. She can stand on her own for about 5 solid seconds before loosing her balance. She walks very well when lightly holding on to a finger. Walking is not far off!
-Her main source of nourishment is whatever we are having for dinner! She still has b.milk 3-4 times a day before naps and bedtime. She has not switched to cow's milk yet.
-She is very vocal, and boy can she screeeeam when she wants something! It's a blood-curdling, ear-piercing scream, folks.
-She does NOT like anyone to wipe her face, or touch her nose. Just. Don't. Do. It.
-She lets me kiss her cheeks as much as I want :)
-She loves following her big sister around. She loves when Sophia plays peek-a-boo with her.
-She is just a little peanut. Very petite.
-She smiles easily and often. She loves being tickled.
-She is only snugly when she is tired.
-She LOVES attention.
-She always wants to be where the action is.
-She goes to sleep without a struggle.

She is a good kid. I like her. A lot.

Monday, August 17, 2009

6 Weeks

I am six weeks pregnant today. I thought time would fly by since I am always chasing around Sophia and Jazlyn. But it hasn't. And that is just fine. I am happy they have a little more time to grow... and get older... before we welcome the newest babe!

I have been feeling great for the most part. I get occasional waves of nausea and dizziness, but nothing that lasts long. I am hungry always. And have very little energy. But God has been faithfully supplying chances to sleep here and there. Somehow each day I get just the rest I need.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Dilemma

I have come to realize that it is next to impossible to be a pregnant-momma-of-two-under-age-two and survive without caffeine. Pregnancy calls for no caffeine. Mommahood SCREAMS for it.


When we got pregnant with Sophia, no big surprise. Everyone was waiting for it.

When we got pregnant with Jazlyn, bit of a shock, even to us. But everyone understands a surprise baby.

But when we got pregnant this time on purpose, people just think we are crazy. We have gotten the best (worst?) reactions by far this time around. I will keep the comments anonymous.

"Are you kidding me? Well, I am happy for you if this is what you want."

"Oh crap! You're not kidding. No way."

"Wow.... wow."

"Oh my."

"Well... you're going to be a busy girl."

Don't get me wrong-- we have had plenty of enthusiastic congratulations as well!!! We just wanted to share the responses unique to this pregnancy ;)

So far, only indications of the little Bug, is a gnawing hunger that strikes every couple of hours, and overwhelming sleepiness that makes a stealthy attack. Oh, and a dead milk supply. But what else is new.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Forever Brainless

What do you do with a woman who has lost her mind? What do I do with myself? I learned that you loose brain cells when you have children, but seriously?? I have just gotten DUMB. Am I the only one? I thought that 10 months post-birth, I might regain some brain function. Wrong. A few examples...

I constantly put things places (that don't make sense even in my mind) and later when Jared asks me where I put it, I adamantly deny even moving it in the first place. When the item is found a week later, my brain fires dimly, and I vaguely remember placing said item in random spot... sometimes.

I get sweaty and nervous when Jared asks me where I put his car keys. (See above.)

Jared asks me if I changed Sophia's poopy diaper. I confidently tell him no. He commences to remove her diaper to find it clean and dry. When told that I did indeed change her already, I wonder to myself when I did it.

After a long five hours at the WA County Fair, we return to our van, and the door is wide open. I was the last one near the car, using that door. You can draw conclusions. Oops.


I'm Sorry...

...if you got a chunk of fingernail in your diced lettuce. (Thank you Lord, for fingernails.)

Hanging in the Hammock

The Family Weekend

It all started with the cajun shrimp BBQ...

Still feeding eachother the bottle

Little Daisy Mae

Uncle Andy playing with Henry

Cousins born 2 weeks apart

Jazi and Baboo

Shredding TP, what else?

Anna's new hot pink Bible (chosen for her, of course, by her three eldest sibs)
LOVIN the new bracelet
Ariel and Benji
Jazi Blue Eyes
Linette and Brian's wedding reception! They got married in Vegas last month!
Jazi and Grandma