Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Il Bambino Nomina

My dearest darling (Jared) has some Italian blood in him. He actually has more German than Italian, and also Scandinavian and a hodge podge of other mingled bloodlines. I have mostly Swedish in my blood. But Italian has the coolest names. So we are pretending to care about naming for heritage, and have decided to choose an Italian name for this little bambino.

Here's where you come in. We are scanning lists of Italian names, but have noticed that every list has different names on them, and no list is ever complete. So if you have any Italian favorites (male or female), send 'em on over. You may just have a hand in naming our fourth-born child (not quite the same ring to as first-born, but take what you can get.)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Apple of my Eyes

Look at all these eye pictures my sister, Anna, edited. She has become quite the accomplished photo editor, and I am super proud! Isn't she amazing? (She is sixteen!) This should be her profession, should it not?









Happy Birthday, Angel!

Jazlyn turned THREE on October 7th!

She wanted her ears pierced "like Sophie and Mommy"

Ears pierced, matching red butterfly necklace, and a sucker... a good birthday!

Happy Birthday, Big Girl!

Sophia turned FOUR on September 27th!

And had her first night of AWANA the next night!

I'm Pregnant!

We are expecting wee baby in late April!

After three babies over the past four years, things tend to move right along in the "showing" department.

9 weeks

This is actually 11 weeks.
I know the sign says 12.

Sophia and Jazlyn informing me that "there is a baby in there, Mama."

My daughters insisted this was a better look for me...

Go Find It!

Me: I am very sorry, girls, I lost my temper. I should not have shouted at you. Will you please forgive me?

Jazlyn, crying: Maaamaaa, you need to go find you temper!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Blowin' Berries

One of Brody's latest obsessions is pulling up my shirt while I am sitting on the floor, and blowing raspberries on my back (or on yours...). A couple of days ago, he was back at it...

Jazlyn: What is he doin Mama?

Sophia: Ooooh, ha ha. He's blowin' blueberries!