Sunday, December 19, 2010

Reveal #1: Master Bedroom Edition






Our December has started off with a BANG. December 1st (Jared's birthday), we were moving into our new house! Two days later, we left for Milwaukee for a family wedding.

All dressed up for the wedding!

Jared's side at the wedding

Upon returning home, we spent the week painting and unpacking (next post), and then in our insanity, braved the 8th largest blizzard in the history of the Midwest to get a Christmas tree...

Ready to conquer the elements

Marshmallow man


and insane.

The girls with their favorite man in the world!

How can this many people ALL be so crazy?

Decorating the tree!

Please note the amazing ornament placement. This is my FAVORITE Christmas tree yet...

Our deck after the storm

Our picture perfect picture window.

Each morning brings a new delightful present!

On Wednesday, we brought the girls to their first movie at the movie theater!
Please note: they both wore their Tangled dresses that they got for their birthday. So funny :)

We saw Tangled (HIGHLY recommend!) and they have not stopped talking about it since.

And THAT has been our December so far.
Now, on to Christmas...
Here we go.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Home, Sweet Home

We have a house!!!
This has been a C-R-A-Z-Y adventure, that I'm overjoyed to be done with. We started actively searching for a house last September (as in, 2009). We attempted to put offers in on 3 houses, but all three times, another offer was accepted before we could even write ours. We succeeded in putting an offer on another house, but got beat out with a higher offer. That's when we started to watch the housing market with an eagle eye. As soon as an interesting house would pop up, we would schedule a walk thru as quick as possible and submit our offer same-day. We found a suitable house (though, not ideal) that was a short sale and submitted our offer, and then proceeded to wait.... FOR.EV.ER. Seven months later, when we still had not received an answer from the bank (no acceptance, OR denial of our offer), we began our search once again. We found this gem, scheduled our walk-thru, fell in love, submitted our offer, and had an acceptance from the bank all within 36 hours!!! What?! Yeah!
After two full months of playing games with our broker, we scheduled our closing date for Novemeber 15th. But our broker wasn't ready. So we requested a two week delay, and rescheduled our closing day for November 30th, with the understanding that if we did not close then, we would have a difficult time persuading the bank to delay again. After two more weeks of shenanigans with our broker, we arrived at November 30th, closing day, with still no concrete promise of closing that day. We didn't even know for sure if we were closing until 11:30am... closing was scheduled for 1:00pm. We arrived, signed papers, and then waited for the funds to wire transfer to complete the process. They didn't come. So we left, with our closing incomplete. BUT! At 5:00pm, we got a call that the funds had transferred and the house was now ours. OURS. Yes, ours.

And we moved in.

Amazing, God. Thank you.