Saturday, February 27, 2010

Miracle Grow

I was working with an overly dead plant trying to nurse it back to life, when I accidentally knocked over the can of Miracle Grow and it rained down on Sophia's head...

Monday, February 22, 2010

33 Weeks

Precious baby Bug has completely consumed my thoughts this week. Up til now, I have certainly been aware of the pregnancy and Bug's presence, but hadn't thought much about the END, and the birth process, and finally meeting our new little one. Well something happened this week and it has completely taken over my brain. I have been pouring over the baby name book, creating a birth plan, and making preparations for Bug's arrival. I know I still have several more weeks (hopefully!) before I need to be completely ready, but I have a head start.

After much discussion, Jared and I decided to ask one of my dearest friends, Abby, to be our doula. She just signed up to become a certified doula, and we are thrilled that we will be her first training birth! Abby and I have been friends since I was 10 years old. I can't think of anyone better suited for this role, and we are SO excited to have her with us during this life event!

This week has not only brought about drastic change in my head, but in my stomach too. My very normal appetite has diminished to nearly non-existent over the past few days. It's like my metabolism has just stopped functioning. I have to remind myself to eat, because the natural prompting of hunger isn't doing its job. After I eat lunch, I feel full for the remainder of the day. I am hoping this works itself out just as quickly as it came.

Bug is about 4 lbs now, the weight of a pineapple. Getting big!

Craving of the week: Mom's homemade cinnamon rainsin toast. I've made four loaves so far (but only consumed one)!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sophie Homemaker

Sophia noticed that Mama has been a little extra tired lately, so she took over some of the duties for me. Isn't she a gem?


Soup's up!

Feeding her sis

Time to wash dishes!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

32 Weeks

I realized this week how little time we have left. I hadn't thought much about preparing for the baby yet, like, choosing a name, for instance, or getting out all the baby equipment again! These things crossed my mind with a bit of panic! I really need to get on that :)

I had my 32 week appointment today and everything is looking great! Bug's heart rate is 136, and s/he is head down (for now at least!). I believe room is getting very tight in there now, because whenever Bug turns over, it is slightly painful. I think that very soon, Bug will be stuck in a head-down (hopefully) position.

I got my waterbirth consent form and birth plan to fill out before my next appointment, which reminds me again how close we are to the end. If history repeats itself, Bug will be here in only 7 more weeks! Wow.

I am just starting to have a little trouble with sleeping now-- something I remember towards the end of my other pregnancies too. It's not that I'm not tired! My biggest problem is when I wake up at night to turn over, sometimes is takes awhile to fall back to sleep.

Craving of the Week: Jared's caramel corn

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thank You Grandma!

We have a little video message for you too, Mom, but it wouldn't load. I'll try again tomorrow.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Stretching the Limits

Sophia found this in the dressup bin...

Let me remind you, this is the last time she wore it. It is size 0-3 months.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

31 Weeks

Bug is now about 3.5 lbs, (about the weight of four navel oranges, Papar that was just for you) and I am feeling all of it. My belly is so heavy, and Bug is so active that my bladder doesn't stand a chance. Every time I sit, I have to get right back up to go to the bathroom. Every single night as I brush my teeth, I assess whether or not I have to empty my bladder. Whenever I decide I really don't have the urge, I get to my bed and then have to go reeeeally bad. When I get to the bathroom, however, I could maybe fill a tablespoon. Pathetic. Pregnancy makes us really pathetic at times :)

Really my only complaint is the weight of our little growing angel. I can't stand in one place for very long, which means I usually end up sitting down about halfway through the worship songs at church and singing from my chair. The combination of repeated deep breaths for singing, and standing still for that long is exhausting! (Again, pathetic.)

I feel really good in other areas. I am sleeping well at night. I have a pretty normal appetite again. I have enough energy to get through most days. God is giving me a very blessed pregnancy, and I am so thankful.
Craving of the week: ovaltine, apples, sprouts

Monday, February 08, 2010


Fruit roll-ups make all ouchies better, even when they're not real.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

30 Weeks

Two thoughts have struck me frequently this week:

"I only have ten weeks to go!" and
"I still have ten weeks to go!?"

I was telling Erin this week how foreign the idea seems to not have a baby in me anymore. I came to realize that I have been pregnant more in the past three years than not, so the idea of a flat(ish) belly and being able to lay on my tummy again just seems so strange. As my belly continues to increase in weight and size, so does my discomfort. I am a pretty funny sight trying to fight my way into my shoes these days. Jared was so sweet today-- he saw that I was preparing to put on a pair of boots, so he quietly slipped his arm through mine to support me. It nearly made me cry.

It is also worth mentioning that every night, after I get the girls to bed and lay on the couch to rest for a bit, the contractions begin. These are not the same Braxton-Hicks contractions I had with Sophia or Jaz either. They are tighter and stronger, and a whole lot more uncomfortable. But the timing of these contractions is the strangest part to me, that I get them most often when I'm at rest.

Even as my discomfort increases and thoughts of the end sneak into my brain, I do not feel mentally ready to meet Bug quite yet. So I am thankful for the remaining ten weeks (or so) to prepare.

Sophia continues to show incredible love for her baby sibling in Mommy's tummy. She frequently rubs my belly, kisses it, hugs it and excitedly says "Hi Baby!" I really think she knows there is a baby in there and think she is going to be my little helper when Bug arrives. She also continues to confidently tell everyone that it is a BOY, when asked. Jazlyn is still too young to understand as far as I can tell, though I know she will be intrigued with her new "toy" when Baby appears :)

Craving of the week: brownies