Monday, October 26, 2009

16 Weeks

This week has been better than last. I haven't been quite so nauseous (awesome)!! I also got to go on a weekend trip to Door County with my BS girls (totally awesome)!!!

My appetite has been pretty minimal again. Not much sounds good. Although I did feel all week like Bug needed some protein, so I tried to get some as much as I could.
I have started getting that piercing ligament pain when I stand up too fast now. A sure sign that Bug is growing! According to my weekly pregnancy email, there is a growth spurt coming up where Bug will double his/her weight! (Judging by the size of my tummy since last week, I am wondering if Bug already did!)
Craving of the Week: STEAK :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

15 Week Picture

I meant to get this in the 15 Week update, but things just don't happen at the rate I intend anymore.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


That last post reminded me of someone...

Sophia-2 yrs ----------------------------Anna-2 yrs

Monday, October 19, 2009

While Mommy Folded Three Loads of Laundry...

...Sophia entertained herself with Mommy's favorite lipstick.

15 Weeks

I am not feeling top-notch today. Actually this whole week has been abnormally tough. People ask me almost daily how I am feeling and up to this point I always tell them "Good, for the most part!" I don't think I would respond that way this week. I have been very nauseous and sick to my stomach almost every day now, as well as having a constant throbbing headache. I also feel totally lacking in energy the past few days. I keep thinking my body will follow routine and I'll wake up tomorrow feeling much better, but it just isn't happening.

I have been on misson to eat healthier, hoping that helps the nauseau subside and increases my energy levels a bit. I am enjoying the healthy foods, and they sit on my stomach well, which is a perk in itself.

I am still not feeling little Bug yet. :( I told Jared last night that I really hope to start feeling those little kicks soon.

I am officially in the extremely uncomfortable awkward clothing stage where all of my normal pants are way too tight, and all of my maternity pants result in major crackage every time I bend over, and I constantly have to pull at them.

Craving of the week: Nothing, food doesn't sound that great right now

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Knew It.

I dye my hair repeatedly. I am taking a break, and letting my natural hair grow out for awhile. I had a suspicion this is what I'd find. There are more. So many more.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthday Fun!

We had our annual fall birthday bash with my side of the family, wherein we celebrate 8 family birthdays! Sophia and Jazlyn were both included this year. We, of course, had to follow tradition of all first birthdays by letting Jazlyn loose on a cake of her own. I will say, this tradition is an early indicator of future personality. Sophia was very dainty and never actually "smashed" the cake much. She poked her finger in and licked it, not much more. Jazlyn, however... I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...

Sophia got a new cookware set, and apron set, and she has spent most of the day cooking up a storm of goodies!

This is the other gift Sophia got, and I can't get her out of it! She slept in her new sleeping bag in her crib last night, and is in it again tonight!

14 Weeks

Biggest sign of pregnancy these days is my belly. I am now already the size I was at about 20 weeks with Sophia. I think I am showing a lot faster, which I hear is completely normal.

I still have not felt much more movement, just an occasional flutter here and there. I am hoping that soon I start feeling little Bug's movements more regularly.

Though much energy has returned, I have really noticed my stamina plummet. You see, I have two little girls, both at ages that still need a lot of holding and cuddling and help with stairs. One trip up the stairs by myself is enough to wind me. When I have to carry two little girls as well, I almost can't make it... and Bug is only the size of a lemon so far! I think it will be impossible to carry two plus a watermelon!

Craving of the Week: cinnamon sugar toast (YUM!)

Monday, October 05, 2009

The First Days of Fall

Every year, we visit Afton Apple orchard with the girls. We make it a special day and look forward to it every fall. When the air gets crisp, we know it's time to go.

On our way to the orchard. Jazlyn is excited!

Sophia enjoying a sucker for breakfast... like I said, special day

Swinging is so much fun!

Sophie likes it too

Hugs with Papa

Our last chance to fit in the 4-person cut out!

Birthday Bash

We celebrated both of the girls' birthdays last weekend, complete with cake, cotton candy ice cream, balloons and presents!

Birthday Girls: Jazlyn, 1, Sophia, 2

Blowing out the candles
So thankful God blessed us with these precious girls
Jazlyn is pumped about her new Mrs. Potato Head!
Sophia ecstatic about her new babydoll
Mommy and baby

Primo Ballerinas

The tutu crawl...

Last Days of Summer

13 Weeks

Some of my energy has started to return, which is wonderful while raising two small children. Every bit of energy is helpful. This week has gone so well, in fact, that besides my growing belly and tightening jeans, I don't even feel pregnant (physically). I love reading my weekly updates, however, and seeing the amazing intrauterine photos of babies at 13 weeks. It is simply incredible. This week Bug us 3 inches long and developing fingerprints!!

I have not felt any more movements from little Bug this week, which makes me question whether I felt anything in the first place. But I am certain I did.

Craving of the Week: Mashed potatoes, chicken in any form