Monday, October 05, 2009

The First Days of Fall

Every year, we visit Afton Apple orchard with the girls. We make it a special day and look forward to it every fall. When the air gets crisp, we know it's time to go.

On our way to the orchard. Jazlyn is excited!

Sophia enjoying a sucker for breakfast... like I said, special day

Swinging is so much fun!

Sophie likes it too

Hugs with Papa

Our last chance to fit in the 4-person cut out!


erin said...

GREAT photos!

angie said...

so sweet. i love the family tradition!

LadyD said...

Um, it's a 5 person cut-out, there is still one empty to the left:)You can still do it next year:)

Earl said...

Um, didn't anyone tell you? We are having baby #3 just so we can fill in that cut-out!