Sunday, March 27, 2011

Recap: Us

With no pictures. It's gonna be marvelous.

Sophia got hives.
We went to the Hot Air Affair.
The girls got fitted for their flower girl dresses.
Daddy wooed his girls with roses and chocolates for V-day.
Brody pulls himself up on things.
The girls got bundled from head to toe and made a snow castle and cave with Daddy.
Our picture window cracked for no apparent reason.
I painted our living room, dining room, and kitchen.
Ben, Ariel, Henrik, Soren and Freya visited us from TN.
I ran my second 5k.
I beat my first time by 7 minutes.
We played outside in t-shirts.
It snowed the next day.
Abby and I decided to go to Kansas one Tuesday evening at 8:00pm.
We went to Kansas Wednesday morning at 5:00am.
Jazlyn is princess of the pot. (read: potty training in princess dresses)
Brody is taking about 4 steps at a time.

There. You're all caught up.