Thursday, October 28, 2010


Gettin' Around

7 Months

My little man is going to be 7 months old on Halloween. He is seriously a little man, not a baby anymore (seriously, just LOOK at him!) He never stops moving and always has a ready smile. We're best buds. :)

He just decided one day last week that sitting around was waaaay overrated. So he moved... and hasn't stopped since.

Lil Dude

There is a special place in Mama's heart for this little man...

Consider Yourself Warned:

Apparently, I'm not supposed to flat iron my eye brows? Dang.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Sophia: Mama, where is He (God)?

Me: He is with us all the time. We can't see Him, but He is always here with us. We will go be with Him in Heaven when we die. And you know what? Grandma Jan, Daddy's mama, is living with Jesus in Heaven right now! We can see both of them when we go to heaven!

S: Where is it? We go dare?

Me: We can't go there right now, but after we are done living this life, we can live with Jesus in Heaven if we love Him with all our heart.

S: But we go dare?

Me: We can't go there now, Honey, but we do have to go in the car. Let's get our shoes on.

[Later... in the car]

S: Where we goin, Mama?

Me: We're going to JoAnn's (fabrics)

S (squeals): YAAAAY!! YAAAY!! We gonna see Grandma Jan and Jesus!!

Sometimes Mama confuses JoAnn's with Heaven too.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life as a Mom

Sophia's favorite thing to do these days is care for her new twins, Soren and Freya, "just like Auntie Ariel."

This morning was a busy one caring for the twins. First, they needed a nap...

After she put the twins down for a nap, she walked straight to the kitchen, got my pump bottles, hooked them up, climbed up in the rocking chair, and informed us that she was pumping milk for the babies...
She asked me to pour the milk she pumped into a bottle for the twins, because it was time for them to eat.

She got them up from their nap, laid them on the couch, and took turns feeding them.
The twins were both very happy after eating. (See?) She proclaimed "See Mama!?? They like it!"


Sophia: Mommy! No dance!

Me: Why not?

Sophia: Eecuz it's not so bewful.

Me: God thinks it is. He always thinks its beautiful when Mama dances, even if you don't. It is not very kind to tell someone that they are not beautiful, Honey. Can you please say sorry to Mama for saying I'm not beautiful?

Sophia (completely serious): Sorry you're not bewful Mama.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Soren and Freya

Welcome precious little ones!
Congratulations Ben and Ariel!
We love your new family of FIVE!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Clean Up!

Oddly, my children don't like to clean up. (Shocking, I know.) So I made up a song to sing while we're cleaning, in hopes it would make it a trifle more enjoyable. Sophia's version is even better than mine...

Changin' Jazi's Butt

Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Jazlyn!

My precious girly-bug, Jazi, turned TWO on October 7th. She is such a rascal, and always keeps us on our toes. She is vibrant and energetic, and we love her vivaciousness. She is always going, always moving, always discovering new things. She is affectionate and cuddly at times, and loves playing with (i.e. tormenting) her big sister.


Princess Jazlyn and her faithful friend Tinkerbell

Princess sisters

When asked what they wanted for their special birthday dinner from Papa, they both agreed on McNuggets. So Papa bought about 50 nuggets from McD's for dinner. When asked what they wanted for birthday dessert, they shouted "Canny! Canny! Canny!" So this is what we came up with...

Birthday Sisters. It makes me happy to think that there will be years and years of pictures just like this one. :)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Goin' to the Chapel...

...and they're gonna get maaaaaaaarried.
Nate and Sarena go engaged this past weekend!!

Welcome to the family Sarena! We love you already and look forward to many, many years of making memories with you. You crashed into all of our lives so quickly, and we all fell in love with you just as quickly. I am thrilled that I get to call you not only "sister-in-Christ," but now also just "Sister."