Saturday, October 23, 2010


Sophia: Mama, where is He (God)?

Me: He is with us all the time. We can't see Him, but He is always here with us. We will go be with Him in Heaven when we die. And you know what? Grandma Jan, Daddy's mama, is living with Jesus in Heaven right now! We can see both of them when we go to heaven!

S: Where is it? We go dare?

Me: We can't go there right now, but after we are done living this life, we can live with Jesus in Heaven if we love Him with all our heart.

S: But we go dare?

Me: We can't go there now, Honey, but we do have to go in the car. Let's get our shoes on.

[Later... in the car]

S: Where we goin, Mama?

Me: We're going to JoAnn's (fabrics)

S (squeals): YAAAAY!! YAAAY!! We gonna see Grandma Jan and Jesus!!

Sometimes Mama confuses JoAnn's with Heaven too.

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erin said...

Ha! :')