Wednesday, January 25, 2012

26 Weeks

Not much change from last week. My hips still hurt, I (feel) like I am waddling a little more, it's harder to get off our deep couch, i have to sleep with a pillow between my knees, my tummy feels heavy...

After Bambino's plea last week, my kind and loving mother brought me not one, but TWO loaves of fresh cinnamon bread, which have both disappeared. This week, smoothies are my main source of joy and sustenance. But not sweet smoothies, because sugar still makes me feel sick. So I have been making numerous combinations of superfood, detox smoothies that involve spinach, kale, pomegrantes, bananas, flaxseed meal, berries, and mango. Delish (and uber healthy)! The next best meal I have had all week was a salad of organic spring mix with baby spinach. I could not get enough. Apparently after all that cinnamon bread, baby was in desperate need of some nutrients!

One thing to note that I have been meaning to mention, is that my body is much more sensitive and "touchy" this time. I get contractions from any amount of exertion. I even get them if I sit in the wrong position. Just thought it was worthy of a mention.

26 Weeks

Friday, January 20, 2012

25 Weeks

Every week I am shocked that another week has gone by. My life with three little ones keeps me so busy that I don't even notice the time flying by. My body is starting to notice though. A few changes this week-- my hips are starting to ache, and my tummy feels noticeably heavier (maybe because of my hip discomfort). I have started to waddle a little after getting up from sitting for a long period of time, because that is when my hips hurt the most. Perhaps baby is in a growth spurt, because I have also felt very tired this week. More so than usual.

My next appointment will be at 28 weeks, and I will have the glucose test already. I am excited for this appointment, because I scheduled this one with a midwife. I have seen midwives for all of my previous pregnancies and really liked the care I received. This time I tried out an OB doctor for awhile, and just haven't felt as pleased. So back to the tried-and-true for me.

This week, Bambino wrote an email to my mom pleading for a loaf of her homemade cinnamon raisin bread. She responded, "All you need to do is ask! Tell Mommy I'll call her tomorrow when it is out of the oven." Aren't Grandma's the best!?

25 Weeks

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pregnancy Dreams Continue...

Jared and I hide out in a hotel room, with the kids. We are trapped here indefinitely, because of the recent sequence of events. You see, last week Jared sat on my sister, Anna and tickled her. My parents are pressing charges. Then, Jared and I ran a red light and were not wearing our seat belts. Mysteriously, my mother knew about our indiscretions, but we did not get caught. She is VERY upset that we got away with illegal actions. Our court date is in a few days. And here we are, hiding out in a hotel room to avoid court. Because frankly, we think it is completely ridiculous to go to court for tickling someone (which is the focus of the court date, not the actual illegal actions).
In a desperate act to try to erase this nightmare, I go meet my mother to plead our case. I pour out my heart, and my frustrations, explaining that we just cannot understand WHY they would press charges over tickling. Anna wasn't even upset. We are just so confused. She stares me down in cold silence, refusing to budge an inch.

As soon as I get back to the motel, there is a knock on the door. I peer through the peephole and see that it is my dad, and brother, Andy, who flew into town for the hearing. Figuring Andy wanted to hug me and show his support before the court date, I cracked the door open. In a flash, my dad snapped a tracking bracelet around my wrist that was attached at the other end to a handcuff. I just look at him in shock and disbelief, and slam the door closed on four of his fingers, then continue to lean into the door, smashing them. After a few seconds, my conscience catches up with me, and I open the door and apologize. To which my dad responds, "No, that was a fair reaction," and then proceeds to close the door on his own fingers again.

Then my eyes fly open...

24 Weeks

I finally got a boost in my appetite this week. I can't stop thinking about eating. While I am eating, I am planning what I am going to eat next. After I finish eating, I dream about eating more until I have waited the "appropriate" amount of time until I can eat again. It is quite a change from the past several weeks, wherein eating was more of a forced duty I endured.

I was asked this week if I had the choice (assuming the baby was fully developed and ready to come out), would I be ready to have the baby this week. My response was an emphatic "Yes! I would have it today." Buuuuut. While most of you know my impatient stance on pregnancy, I am trying to enjoy it. I lay in bed every night with my hands on my belly, relishing the little kicks within, knowing I may never feel them again.

As my belly grows, I am being reminded of the uncomfortable aspects of pregnancy now too. I cannot (comfortably) lay on my back anymore. Or my stomach. Side to side I go at night, flipping back and forth. Comfort may be out the window for the next 15 weeks or so...

But all in all, I feel well and have no complications. Baby is healthy, Mama is healthy. We are truly blessed.
24 weeks

Friday, January 06, 2012

23 Weeks

Twenty-three, folks! Getting ever closer to meeting this precious babe (did you see that adorable face?!) Now that we had our ultrasound, and got a "sneak peek" at Bambino, I am more in love than ever, and can hardly stand the thought of waiting another 4 months to meet him/her! However, I am convinced that my remaining time will go very quickly. Life with three little ones is never dull, and the distraction makes time fly.

We have been doing some rearranging this week in the kids' rooms to prepare room for B. We jammed a set of bunk beds in Brody's room, so eventually when baby kicks him out of the crib, he will have somewhere to go. It looks great, and I am very pleased with the results!

I have been feeling very well the past few weeks. I still have aversions to most sweets, but would take nearly any kind of salty food (junk or not) any day. Tortilla and potato chips have been especially "on the mind" (and in the mouth) this week. Red meat always sounds amazing, though we ain't no money-bags around here, so haven't gotten much of that. But it sounds amazing nonetheless.

Babers kicks mostly at night between 10-12, but is not NEARLY as active as Jazlyn and Brody were. This may, in fact, be the least active babe so far. We'll see what the next few months bring.

23 Weeks

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Oh Hello, Baby!

We had our ultrasound today!
We spent a good portion of last night debating whether or not to find out the sex of this baby. I was really torn this time. It being our last one (God willing), we thought it might be a fun new experience to find out this time. After a long discussion, we decided...

 For the first time ever, we got to see our precious babe in 3D! It was very exciting, though I wish we got more than just this one image in 3D. But, I am happy nonetheless.

Bambino's precious face

Does this look like the face of a boy or girl to you?

Doc says everything looks great! Baby is healthy and growing perfectly. We are so extremely blessed. And Bambino looks every inch as cute and precious as our current three did. Now, after seeing that precious face, it is going to be even harder to wait another 15 more weeks to see it in person. not find out.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012


My sister, Anna, created a blog finally! Head on over to Etc. and check it out! You are in for a treat. She is an aspiring photographer/photo editor, and a generally silly, fun person. I am anticipating an entertaining read.