Friday, January 20, 2012

25 Weeks

Every week I am shocked that another week has gone by. My life with three little ones keeps me so busy that I don't even notice the time flying by. My body is starting to notice though. A few changes this week-- my hips are starting to ache, and my tummy feels noticeably heavier (maybe because of my hip discomfort). I have started to waddle a little after getting up from sitting for a long period of time, because that is when my hips hurt the most. Perhaps baby is in a growth spurt, because I have also felt very tired this week. More so than usual.

My next appointment will be at 28 weeks, and I will have the glucose test already. I am excited for this appointment, because I scheduled this one with a midwife. I have seen midwives for all of my previous pregnancies and really liked the care I received. This time I tried out an OB doctor for awhile, and just haven't felt as pleased. So back to the tried-and-true for me.

This week, Bambino wrote an email to my mom pleading for a loaf of her homemade cinnamon raisin bread. She responded, "All you need to do is ask! Tell Mommy I'll call her tomorrow when it is out of the oven." Aren't Grandma's the best!?

25 Weeks


The Smackeys said...

Good for you for switching providers and going with the one that makes you more comfortable and happier! Takes strength to do that, and hopefully it will make the rest of your pregnancy and birth experience that much more fulfilling! :)
Give bambino a pat for me - love ya!

Rosy said...

I am so happy for you Naomi! Looking forward to meet little babino :)