Wednesday, January 25, 2012

26 Weeks

Not much change from last week. My hips still hurt, I (feel) like I am waddling a little more, it's harder to get off our deep couch, i have to sleep with a pillow between my knees, my tummy feels heavy...

After Bambino's plea last week, my kind and loving mother brought me not one, but TWO loaves of fresh cinnamon bread, which have both disappeared. This week, smoothies are my main source of joy and sustenance. But not sweet smoothies, because sugar still makes me feel sick. So I have been making numerous combinations of superfood, detox smoothies that involve spinach, kale, pomegrantes, bananas, flaxseed meal, berries, and mango. Delish (and uber healthy)! The next best meal I have had all week was a salad of organic spring mix with baby spinach. I could not get enough. Apparently after all that cinnamon bread, baby was in desperate need of some nutrients!

One thing to note that I have been meaning to mention, is that my body is much more sensitive and "touchy" this time. I get contractions from any amount of exertion. I even get them if I sit in the wrong position. Just thought it was worthy of a mention.

26 Weeks

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