Wednesday, January 11, 2012

24 Weeks

I finally got a boost in my appetite this week. I can't stop thinking about eating. While I am eating, I am planning what I am going to eat next. After I finish eating, I dream about eating more until I have waited the "appropriate" amount of time until I can eat again. It is quite a change from the past several weeks, wherein eating was more of a forced duty I endured.

I was asked this week if I had the choice (assuming the baby was fully developed and ready to come out), would I be ready to have the baby this week. My response was an emphatic "Yes! I would have it today." Buuuuut. While most of you know my impatient stance on pregnancy, I am trying to enjoy it. I lay in bed every night with my hands on my belly, relishing the little kicks within, knowing I may never feel them again.

As my belly grows, I am being reminded of the uncomfortable aspects of pregnancy now too. I cannot (comfortably) lay on my back anymore. Or my stomach. Side to side I go at night, flipping back and forth. Comfort may be out the window for the next 15 weeks or so...

But all in all, I feel well and have no complications. Baby is healthy, Mama is healthy. We are truly blessed.
24 weeks


The Smackeys said...

You are looking absolutely beautiful. I miss you and I'm so glad things are going well. XOXO

Anonymous said...

Occasionally I have dreams about being pregnant or nursing. It is always so sad to wake up and realize it was just a dream. It does go fast ,so enjoy this season of life and all it brings. There are LOTS of years ,post pregnancy to enjoy minor things like comfort and peace and quiet. - carole