Tuesday, November 29, 2011

18 Weeks

My 17th week was the first week that I felt "well" and normal all week. No queasiness or food aversions. Yay! Here is a picture at 17 weeks...

17 Weeks
I am now 18 weeks along. I am still feeling good as far as the pregnancy goes, though I have been sick all week with a sinus/throat virus of some kind. I have noticed a slight increase in appetite over the past week. I eat a normal portion of dinner, and find myself not feeling quite full, and wanting just a little more. Strangely (very strangely for me!) I have not been all that interested in sweets this week either. As I type, I considered getting a bowl of ice cream (because it's 9:45pm, and the kids are in bed, and let's face it... that's where my mind goes when it's 9:45 and the kids are in bed), but then I very quickly realized I don't really want ice cream. It doesn't hold the delight it used to. Sad.

I also have been struggling to make it through each day without feeling like I could fall asleep standing up. It hits around 3:00 every afternoon. So far, I have successfully made it through each day without falling asleep and landing on the stove or one of our children. So that's a plus :)

I have begun to feel the effects of the relaxin hormone now. On occasion, my hips stop trying to stay together like they are supposed to and just give up. This is very painful for Mama. Dislike.

Buuuut... I have started feeling Bambino move! The first time was about 4 days ago while I was laying on the couch. I felt several little kicks, that were so little they almost felt like a muscle twitch. But I have felt the same little kicks at least once a day since then. So I know it's Bambino finally saying hello!

I have my first real appointment with the Dr this Friday. So far, I have only seen a nurse, and had an ultrasound to date the pregnancy (which I told him was unnecessary since I knew the date we conceived, and gave him my due date. Guess what? I was right. The ultrasound was exactly 1 day off the date I gave him. I'm an old pro, trust me Doc.)

18 weeks

I added a video below that gives a brief description of the development that takes place between 15-20 weeks. Watch it if you'd like to see what Bambino is up to.

Click on image to view video

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

15 weeks

I had to come check my blog to remember which week I am now. I told someone yesterday that I was 13 weeks. Oops. I can't keep track anymore. I was happy to gain two weeks overnight!

The madness with the sauteed onions has subsided. I ate them in various ways for three days straight, but now their charm has worn off. They're nothing special. Eh. No new obsessions have taken their place...yet.

Thank you all for the name suggestions! We got some beautiful ideas. I guess, to be fair, I should admit that we already had names picked out before the request for ideas. We wanted to see if there were any great names we missed and liked better. And no, we are not telling anyone our chosen names. Check back in late April, and we will tell you then. We will also reveal if we tweaked any of our names using your suggestion =)

Thursday, November 03, 2011

14 Weeks

In the first few weeks of this pregnancy, I felt pretty gross. Nauseous, queasy, sick to my stomach. That cleared up around Week 8 or so, and I have felt pretty normal until the past few days when I was hit with a fresh batch of hormones. I have felt pretty sick to my stomach again for the last couple days. I am hoping this is a (very) temporary state of being. I just need to come out and say up front, I am a HUGE fan of babies. Love them to death. Adore their sweet little selves. I am not a huge fan of pregnancy. I would go for a month gestational period. Or I could skip it. Either way. That would suit me just fine.

BUUUUUUT... I'm as happy as a clam that Bambino is growing healthy and big, and so is my bel-lay.

I cannot leave you without this story. I wouldn't deprive you of this small glimpse into my pregnant, hormonal life. A few days ago, my stomach was being a rather picky bitch, while at the same time screaming at me to feed her. I was starving, but was absolutely revolted by the thought of eating anything. Anything. So I stood in front of the pantry, sobbing (naturally), searching for something, anything, that seemed remotely palatable. After a solid 5 minutes and not finding any suitable substances, my eyes fell on a bag of onions. And suddenly it came over me. I needed to eat sauteed onions. I stood there shocked and disgusted. But the more I argued with myself, the more pleasing they sounded. So I snatched the bag, stomped into the kitchen, chopped, cried and sauteed. And that night for dinner, I ate the most delicious sauteed onions I have ever had.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Through the Eyes of a Child

My conversations with Sophia and Jazlyn get cuter everyday. Here are two snippets from Sophia's mind this week.

After seeing me eat a plate of scrambled eggs for breakfast...

S: "Mom, why do you eat eggs, and they turn into babies in your tummy?"

Me: "Haha, no, Sweetie, I don't eat eggs that turn into babies. Girls bodies have eggs in them that turn into babies. You already have some eggs too, right in there." (Pointing to her tummy.) "And when you get older, and get married and have a husband, you can turn your eggs into babies too."

S: "What's a husband?"

Me: "Well, your husband is the man you marry. Daddy is my husband, because Daddy and I got married. You can fall in love with a man someday and get married and he will be your husband."

S: "WHAT?! NO! I don't want a man. I'm gonna marry your husband."

Me: "What!?"

S: "Yeah, Mom, I'm gonna marry Daddy. Sorry."

Background: We had the girls annual check up last week. When the pediatrician looked in Sophia's ears, she said "Oh look! There is Sleeping Beauty in that ear! And Belle in this ear!" So ever since then, the girls walk around telling me that said princesses live in their ears.

S: "Mom, will you clean my ears?"

Me: "Sure, Baby."

While cleaning...

Me: "Well, looks like Sleeping Beauty is a pretty good housekeeper. There is no wax in this ear. Let's see if Belle is as clean as Sleeping Beauty... Oh nope! Belle is more messy, here is some wax."

S: "Ha...  ha, ha. Yeah, I think Belle went poopoo!"