Tuesday, November 29, 2011

18 Weeks

My 17th week was the first week that I felt "well" and normal all week. No queasiness or food aversions. Yay! Here is a picture at 17 weeks...

17 Weeks
I am now 18 weeks along. I am still feeling good as far as the pregnancy goes, though I have been sick all week with a sinus/throat virus of some kind. I have noticed a slight increase in appetite over the past week. I eat a normal portion of dinner, and find myself not feeling quite full, and wanting just a little more. Strangely (very strangely for me!) I have not been all that interested in sweets this week either. As I type, I considered getting a bowl of ice cream (because it's 9:45pm, and the kids are in bed, and let's face it... that's where my mind goes when it's 9:45 and the kids are in bed), but then I very quickly realized I don't really want ice cream. It doesn't hold the delight it used to. Sad.

I also have been struggling to make it through each day without feeling like I could fall asleep standing up. It hits around 3:00 every afternoon. So far, I have successfully made it through each day without falling asleep and landing on the stove or one of our children. So that's a plus :)

I have begun to feel the effects of the relaxin hormone now. On occasion, my hips stop trying to stay together like they are supposed to and just give up. This is very painful for Mama. Dislike.

Buuuut... I have started feeling Bambino move! The first time was about 4 days ago while I was laying on the couch. I felt several little kicks, that were so little they almost felt like a muscle twitch. But I have felt the same little kicks at least once a day since then. So I know it's Bambino finally saying hello!

I have my first real appointment with the Dr this Friday. So far, I have only seen a nurse, and had an ultrasound to date the pregnancy (which I told him was unnecessary since I knew the date we conceived, and gave him my due date. Guess what? I was right. The ultrasound was exactly 1 day off the date I gave him. I'm an old pro, trust me Doc.)

18 weeks

I added a video below that gives a brief description of the development that takes place between 15-20 weeks. Watch it if you'd like to see what Bambino is up to.

Click on image to view video

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erin said...

I can't believe you are half way. Actually, for you, you are almost OVER half way. ;)