Thursday, November 03, 2011

14 Weeks

In the first few weeks of this pregnancy, I felt pretty gross. Nauseous, queasy, sick to my stomach. That cleared up around Week 8 or so, and I have felt pretty normal until the past few days when I was hit with a fresh batch of hormones. I have felt pretty sick to my stomach again for the last couple days. I am hoping this is a (very) temporary state of being. I just need to come out and say up front, I am a HUGE fan of babies. Love them to death. Adore their sweet little selves. I am not a huge fan of pregnancy. I would go for a month gestational period. Or I could skip it. Either way. That would suit me just fine.

BUUUUUUT... I'm as happy as a clam that Bambino is growing healthy and big, and so is my bel-lay.

I cannot leave you without this story. I wouldn't deprive you of this small glimpse into my pregnant, hormonal life. A few days ago, my stomach was being a rather picky bitch, while at the same time screaming at me to feed her. I was starving, but was absolutely revolted by the thought of eating anything. Anything. So I stood in front of the pantry, sobbing (naturally), searching for something, anything, that seemed remotely palatable. After a solid 5 minutes and not finding any suitable substances, my eyes fell on a bag of onions. And suddenly it came over me. I needed to eat sauteed onions. I stood there shocked and disgusted. But the more I argued with myself, the more pleasing they sounded. So I snatched the bag, stomped into the kitchen, chopped, cried and sauteed. And that night for dinner, I ate the most delicious sauteed onions I have ever had.


erin said...

I love every. single. thing. about this post.

erin said...

p.s. Nice neck thingy.

The Smackeys said...

Onions?! Of all things. You are silly and I love you - especially on pregnancy hormones.

carrie said...

I thought that neck thingy was your winter tube top? :)