Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Through the Eyes of a Child

My conversations with Sophia and Jazlyn get cuter everyday. Here are two snippets from Sophia's mind this week.

After seeing me eat a plate of scrambled eggs for breakfast...

S: "Mom, why do you eat eggs, and they turn into babies in your tummy?"

Me: "Haha, no, Sweetie, I don't eat eggs that turn into babies. Girls bodies have eggs in them that turn into babies. You already have some eggs too, right in there." (Pointing to her tummy.) "And when you get older, and get married and have a husband, you can turn your eggs into babies too."

S: "What's a husband?"

Me: "Well, your husband is the man you marry. Daddy is my husband, because Daddy and I got married. You can fall in love with a man someday and get married and he will be your husband."

S: "WHAT?! NO! I don't want a man. I'm gonna marry your husband."

Me: "What!?"

S: "Yeah, Mom, I'm gonna marry Daddy. Sorry."

Background: We had the girls annual check up last week. When the pediatrician looked in Sophia's ears, she said "Oh look! There is Sleeping Beauty in that ear! And Belle in this ear!" So ever since then, the girls walk around telling me that said princesses live in their ears.

S: "Mom, will you clean my ears?"

Me: "Sure, Baby."

While cleaning...

Me: "Well, looks like Sleeping Beauty is a pretty good housekeeper. There is no wax in this ear. Let's see if Belle is as clean as Sleeping Beauty... Oh nope! Belle is more messy, here is some wax."

S: "Ha...  ha, ha. Yeah, I think Belle went poopoo!"

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The Smackeys said...

Haha! I love them! So sweet!