Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garden Nome: Take Two

Begin building raised bed

Keep on stackin'

Enlist help of three very helpful children

Brody will hold that in place for you Daddy
Fill with organic compost


Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Just a few reasons
                                           I love this guy...

  1. He loves me.
  2. He helps with the house.
  3. He wrestles with the kids.
  4. He gives me the last bite.
  5. He wants the best for our kids.
  6. He helps with the kids at bedtime.
  7. He's passionate about our family.
  8. He's a good leader.
  9. He sacrifices for us daily.
  10. He's not a whiner.
  11. I can trust his judgment completely.
  12. He does the right thing, even when he doesn't want to.
  13. He tries to please me.
  14. He's methodical.
  15. He's extremely inventive and creative.
  16. He loves babies.
  17. He's loves family adventures.
  18. He's dependable.
  19. He takes command.
  20. He can still sweet talk me.
  21. He handles the finances and pays the bills.
  22. He is not careless with our money.
  23. He is proud of my accomplishments.
  24. He doesn’t get angry when I change my mind... again.
  25. He doesn't swear.
  26. He uses words well.
  27. He knows how to reason through a disagreement calmly and logically.
  28. He can fix just about anything.
  29. He is generous.
  30. He's stays calm in stressful situations.
  31. He is the best birth support person on the face of the planet.
  32. He changes diapers.
  33. He can be trusted to care for all four of our children.
  34. He marvels at our children.
  35. He asks my opinion.
  36. He's committed wholeheartedly to our marriage.
  37. He's realistic.
  38. He surprises me with flowers and gifts.
  39. He compliments me.
  40. He tells me I am beautiful several times a day.
  41. He's consistent.
  42. He helps feed the kids.
  43. He thanks me at the end of the meal.
  44. He is not picky.
  45. I'm still attracted to him.
  46. He worked his butt off to buy us a house.
  47. He doesn't make excuses.
  48. He handles my mood swings with patience and grace.
  49. He knows me.
  50. He takes care of me.
  51. He has insanely beautiful eyes.
  52. He helps with laundry.
  53. He looks at me with wonder, like I am the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen.
  54. He loves me as I grow older.
  55. He wants to be a good husband and father.
  56. He values my job as a wife and mother.
  57. He is encouraging to our kids.
  58. He takes the kids on dates.
  59. He's silly for our children.
  60. His eyes don't stray.
  61. He makes me laugh.
  62. He doesn't get drunk.
  63. He doesn't do drugs.
  64. He understands what's important in life.
  65. He has a great sense of humor.
  66. He would lay down his life for us in a heartbeat.
  67. His arms are protective.
  68. He keeps our cars running.
  69. He pursues a relationship with God.
  70. He let’s things roll off his back.
  71. He shows excitement about my interests.
  72. He'd rather be with me and the kids than anywhere else.
  73. He is so giving...of his time, knowledge, help, love.
  74. He'd give a stranger the shirt off his back.
  75. He's honest.
  76. He questions the “facts” until he knows the truth for himself.
  77. He's not scatter-brained.
  78. He's always prepared.
  79. He's a great provider.
  80. He thinks of small ways to be helpful to me, and does them.
  81. He's intuitive and understands women.
  82. He tells me if he's running late.
  83. He's predictable.
  84. He's happy to work behind the scenes.
  85. He fills the cars with gas when I leave it on empty.
  86. He drives when we are together.
  87. He opens the door for me.
  88. He takes out the garbage.
  89. He is a friendly, talktative, extrovert.
  90. He considers the needs of our family first when making decisions.
  91. He's got a really cute butt.
  92. He's kind.
  93. He lets me talk and he actually listens.
  94. He helps me make decisions.
  95. He is incredibly patient.
  96. He has a job.
  97. He works hard.
  98. He desires to understand how things work, and figures it out.
  99. He's a man of his word.
  100. He chose me.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Garden Nome

(No, I did not spell that wrong. Nome is a nickname my brother, Andy, calls me)

Summer is pushing it's way into Wisconsin, and that means it's garden time. Those of you who know me, know my track record with plants. I don't have a very high success rate of keeping them alive.
Ok, more specifically, I don't have any success at keeping them alive.

But this year is different. Because I decided it is.
I will be successful. Period.

I dove right in. I came up with an equation for success.

1.) Move the location of the vegetable garden. (Jared was THRILLED about this one.)
This spot is much closer to the kitchen door. Which means I have to only walk 5 feet, instead of 25 feet to pluck some basil for the gourmet italian cuisine I will prepare every night...

2.) Make it a raised bed.
Commense digging, since this location is on a hill and a raised bed wouldn't be much of a success if it's tilting downhill...

3.) Finish digging it out before Memorial Day.

 This is as far as we've gotten. Next week, we proceed on the path to success.

And now for the flowers. Be impressed.

martha washington geranium
martha washington geranium
yellow daisy
purple iris
Me and my garden extraordinaire. My mom. She is amazing.

My Four Monkeys

I am back!
Our life with a new baby has been a little more crazy than usual, but I finally feel pretty well adjusted to our new dynamic.
I have tried to capture as much of it on film as possible. Here are some of my favorites from over the past month...

Gino, 3 days old

Soph chillin' with Ruby

My sister, Anna, moved in with us for the summer to help out with the kids, and keep me company!

Sophia completed her first year of AWANA Cubbies!

She finished her first Cubbies book and got a book award! (So proud!)
Preparing to pray?

For the first two weeks, Gino took his baths in the bathroom sink.
Now he has graduated to the kitchen sink.

Sleeping like a man... in his skivvies.

First bottle. Two weeks old.

Love the tenderness of this one. Special, quiet moments.

Mother's Day with my mom.
The sunglasses are hiding the hideous pink eye I woke up with that morning.

A daily (hourly?) sight. She loves to help Mama burp the baby.

My four monkeys...

Take two.

Take three.

Give up.

The End.