Saturday, May 26, 2012

Garden Nome

(No, I did not spell that wrong. Nome is a nickname my brother, Andy, calls me)

Summer is pushing it's way into Wisconsin, and that means it's garden time. Those of you who know me, know my track record with plants. I don't have a very high success rate of keeping them alive.
Ok, more specifically, I don't have any success at keeping them alive.

But this year is different. Because I decided it is.
I will be successful. Period.

I dove right in. I came up with an equation for success.

1.) Move the location of the vegetable garden. (Jared was THRILLED about this one.)
This spot is much closer to the kitchen door. Which means I have to only walk 5 feet, instead of 25 feet to pluck some basil for the gourmet italian cuisine I will prepare every night...

2.) Make it a raised bed.
Commense digging, since this location is on a hill and a raised bed wouldn't be much of a success if it's tilting downhill...

3.) Finish digging it out before Memorial Day.

 This is as far as we've gotten. Next week, we proceed on the path to success.

And now for the flowers. Be impressed.

martha washington geranium
martha washington geranium
yellow daisy
purple iris
Me and my garden extraordinaire. My mom. She is amazing.

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