Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm T-t-t-t-tired

We hung this up, well, for Father's Day. Four days ago.

Apparently, I have a stutter when I write. OR an extreme case of sleep deprivation, which would also explain why I just noticed this now.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sophia, with bag slung over her shoulder: "Mom, you won't see me tomorrow. I'm going on a trip."
Me: "Oh! I'll miss you! Have a fun trip!"
(Sophia leaves, throwing kisses as she walks into her room. Re-enters five minutes later.)

Me: "Oh! Are you back from your trip? How was it?"
Sophia: "There were kids all over me."
Me: "Ooooh, yep. Sounds about right."

Monday, June 20, 2011

My Garden is on a Diet.

This "summer" is doing wonders for my garden...

...and my waistline.


It rained ALL day during their (outdoor) wedding, but in a sheer stroke of genious last winter, they decided to order a white umbrella for each guest on the off chance it would rain on their wedding day. I think the pictures are going to be positively charming. A sea of white umbrellas. The wedding party also did a series of pictures with the umbrellas, which I am just dying to see. It was a gorgeous wedding, and everything went amazingly well. And the dance was a riot. Fun times had by all.

Nate and Sarena, we pray that your marriage will reflect Christ's love for the Church, just as it was created to do. We pray your marriage is centered always on Christ, and that you grow together in love and devotion, so that you may experience a small taste of the extreme love Christ has for us. WE LOVE YOU!

Huz and Wife

First dance


My new sis and me

Me and my dearest Love

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Screen Shot

The screen on our digital camera broke.
Or rather, got stepped on.
Or dropped.
I'm not sure which.

The point is, it looks like a rainbow... on steroids. And this happens to be a very modern camera. Modern cameras have no need for viewfinders, cuz hey, you've got that 3 inch HD screen on the back.

It gets stepped on.
Or dropped.
I'm not sure which.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Here She Comes Again...

Here Comes the Bride(s)...

With all of the wedding buzz we are in the midst of, the girls have discovered the transforming power of a veil. It instantly makes them feel like the most beautiful princess that ever existed. That much is apparent with one glance at the tender glow emanating from their eyes. Their whole face and body language changed drastically as soon as that veil touched their little heads. It made Mama a little emotional.
Jazlyn Lucia

Here comes the bride

Ready to kiss her groom

Sophia Colette

The bride and her daddy

Mr. and Mrs.

Last weekend, I got to play wedding coordinator at Kyle and Haylee's wedding! It was a long couple of months, and a lot of work, but it all paid off that night. It was the best wedding I've been to in a long time. (Thank you AGAIN, to everyone who helped set up/clean up!! You made my job easy!) 
Me and the GORGEOUS Mrs. Sommer


Wiggin Out

I get another sister this weekend!
Sarena is marrying Jared's brother, Nathan
(Sorry Sarena, I gave you fair warning)
Ha!! Love you!

Sarena and me partying hardy at the bachelorette party!
(Yes, I am a closet poet)


Night and Day

Every morning, without fail, Jazlyn springs out of bed at 7:30 with a smile on her face, enthusiastically greets the day, throws open the door, skips down the hallway to our room, and jumps into bed with me. She is the happiest (and most annoying) alarm clock I have ever had.

Every morning, without fail, Sophia sleeps until breakfast is a distant memory, scowls at anyone who dares to enter her room, and rolls out of bed only after a good 30 minutes of forethought, blinking slowly as if she can just not handle the thought of wakefulness.