Wednesday, March 31, 2010

38 Week Check up

As soon as I stood up from publishing my post on Monday, I starting having contractions and suddenly felt crampy. That night, I had intense low back pain and contractions strong enough to wake me up about 5 times an hour, all night long.
Yesterday was quiet, minimal cx's, no back pain, no cramps.

This morning, I had my appointment and was extremely pleased to learn I am dilated 2-3 cm! That is great progress since last week! I have had several strong cx's since my appointment this morning, and the low back pain and cramipness are back. I think my body is gearing up...

Everything looks good with baby's health and mine.

Bug's HR: 120's
BP: 102/74

I think we could be greeting this baby very soon :)

Monday, March 29, 2010

38 Weeks

I don't feel like I have made a lot of progress this week. I've had a medium amount of contractions (maybe 20 a day?), some very mild cramps, and increased pelvic pressure, but overall I feel really good still-- not like I am going to go into labor in the next few days. I am hoping that my body is making progress and I am just not feeling it. I have my next check up on Wednesday, so I will find out then. I forgot to report that at my last appointment, I was dilated to 1/2 cm. Not quite as much progress as I was hoping.

There is not much to report. My stomach muscles are still ripping. I had a bad cold over the weekend that I am recovering from, which caused my ribs to hurt a lot from all the coughing.

I am by no means comfortable, but I am not miserable, which is how I remember feeling close to the end before. It surprises me a little that I am still feeling this "good." I know it can all turn around in a moment and that it could be anytime. Maybe it's the calm before the storm :) It's exciting waking up every morning not knowing if I'll meet our wee babe today, or in 3 weeks. Jared and I both are extremely excited to meet Bug, and the waiting gets harder every day. We are ready for him/her anytime now! I keep telling Sophia that the baby is coming out pretty soon. She always reacts with an excited response, which totally melts my heart :)

Craving of the Week: Cinnamon Crunch Bagels w/ maple walnut spread

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Princess Report

One day I walked into the girls' bedroom to find Sophia sitting on her changing table. I have no clue how she got up there, and hasn't since. She just smiled sweetly at me and said "Hi Mama!"

Sophie is SUCH a good Mommy. She takes care of her baby all day long, holding her, feeding her bottles, and laying her down for naps.
...Oh, and dancing with her!

Whenever I bring the camera out, Jaz runs over to me and gets her face as close to the camera as possible saying "Cheeeeeeeeese." After being blinded by the flash a few times she learned to close her eyes.

Sophie and her BFF Shirley Jean sharing a snack.

"Big girl" Sophie taking "baby" Easton down the slide!

This is what Jazlyn looks like after most meals. Her hair must be healthy with how many "natural" treatments she applies to it.
Sportin the 'tu

This is a scene that repeats itself every single day...

We dance until we're very, very dizzy

Napping with her baby

Sophia has been a CHAMP with potty training. She almost has it down completely- just working on #2 at this point, she's an old pro at #1 and rarely has any accidents! She is so proud to wear her big girl "unnies" everyday and uses her potty whenever she needs to without any prompting from Momm and Daddy.


Monday, March 22, 2010

37 Weeks

Though I am entirely uncomfortable all the time now, I do have to say this week has been better than last! I have not had many BH contractions this week, nor any crampiness.

Baby is still riding high, and growing daily. I know this by the continued ripping of my stomach muscles, and the ever-increasing pressure on my ribs. No matter what position I am in, or how straight I stand up, Bug is just plain too big and is never NOT pressing on them.

Relaxin is surging through my body in mass quantities, and causing my hips to hurt reeeal bad. I also pulled my shoulder out of joint this week opening the car door. It hurt for 4 days. Pathetic.

I am relieved and happy to have made it to this week, as I am now considered "full term" and won't be denied of my water birth. I would still like Bug to brew in there as long as needed to fully develop, but whenever s/he does decide to join us, I will welcome him/her with open arms. My guess is still the middle of week 38 sometime, which gives me another week and a half to get really good and miserable.

At my last appointment, I was not dilated at all yet. I will report again if there is any change at this weeks appt on Thursday.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Baby Bug

Is Bug a BOY or GIRL? What do you think? Vote on my poll on the sidebar!

Monday, March 15, 2010

36 Weeks

Heartburn. That about sums it up. This kid better have a full head of hair.
I still have no desire to eat whatsoever. I have realized that it is not so much that I have lost my appetite, because I still get hungry, as it is that eating is just not satisfying. I eat to make the hunger go away. But usually my stomach feels heavy and upset after I eat. But if I don't eat, HEARTBURN. So its a trade off.

I think this week has really brought on a new level of immobility. It has suddenly become impossible to get off the couch without help. And turning over at night risks pulling a muscle. Bug must really be packing on the pounds cuz my belly suddenly got reeeally heavy (and is obviously stretching since my muscles continue to rip as I type. I thought I was done with that after the first two pregnancies!)

It's close to the end folks. This rapid decline in comfort and mobility serve as a constant reminder. It has to get this bad before the baby comes, but it means it's coming soon. Knowing my history, I am estimating about 2 1/2 more weeks of this wretchedness til Bug joins us (Mom, I'm thinking April 2-4th-ish, so maybe a birthday twin for you?)

On the bright side, I cannot believe what a little sun exposure has done for my mood! I must have been severely lacking in Vit D, but I am soaking up as much as I can these days! The sunshine has been an incredible medicine for any crabbiness that tries to take over. I love love love it! Oh, and I am also happy to say that my crampiness and back pain has subsided!

Craving of the week: water, but only because it's the only thing that doesn't give me heartburn... most of the time.

Monday, March 08, 2010

35 Weeks

It has been an interesting week. I woke up several times on Sunday night with strong cramps. I have been feeling crampy ever since. Yesterday my lower back started to ache as well. I was a bit nervous about these sudden changes, because I remember feeling this way before Sophia and Jazlyn were born. I looked back at my baby blogs and was slightly relieved to find that I started feeling this way about 2 1/2 weeks before Jazlyn was born (but only 5 days before Sophia!). I was, however, at 37 weeks when this started, not 35! (Stay put for several more weeks Bug!) I have been taking it pretty easy the past few days, and getting naps whenever I can.

My hips continue to loosen and ache, and I hobble more than walk these days. I have to pee all the time, and I'm still getting frequent BH contractions. It surprises me a little that my body has been getting ready so early this time around. But after talking to Fern, she assures me this is normal for a third pregnancy.

As my body prepares, we are trying to prepare everything for baby here as well. Jared and I picked out "going home" outfits for Bug this week! It was so fun to look at all the tiny clothes again :) Yesterday, I unpacked the handful of neutral items we have, and put them in the dresser. Next on the list is to buy a baby book and some Newborn diapers. I will start working on my packing list this week, and start packing next week... maybe.

My next appointment is next Tuesday, March 16th. We will find out then what kind of progress all this prep work has made (dilation, effacement, etc).

Craving of the week: Chocolate Chex Caramel Crunch, Special K Bars, swiss cheese

Monday, March 01, 2010

34 Weeks

Well I'm not going to lie-- this week has been tougher. My body is starting to gear up for the end, which is a nice way to say it's going downhill. I have noticed much more pelvic pressure now, no matter whether I'm sitting or standing. My hip joints are starting to really loosen up now, and every time I stand up from a sitting position, my hips ache quite a bit. I have to hobble the first few steps. I have also caught myself starting to waddle a little.

But the biggest issue this week by far has been BH contractions. I know I have mentioned them before, but it continues to be a big part of my pregnancy . Some days I have 2-3 the whole day. And some days I have 2-3 in ten minutes. And they are strong! Not at all painful like real contractions, but very tight and very uncomfortable. But they never remain consistent, nor increase in intensity. (Thank you Lord!)

My appetite has still been very low. I usually get hungry in the morning, and eat a good lunch. But when dinnertime rolls around, my stomach feels heavy and eating only makes it heavier. Not much sounds appealing, and even when I find something that does, I don't reap much satisfaction from eating.

My 34 week appointment is on Thursday, and marks the beginning of my weekly visits. This is where it gets exciting, as the end draws closer.

Bug is approximately 4.75 lbs this week, similar to the weight of a cantaloupe.

Craving of the Week: sesame chicken from Oriental Restaurant

Big Girl Bed

Today marks a big milestone for our precious firstborn. We set up her toddler bed. It may not seem like a big milestone to anyone but us, but it is a sign of her maturing and growing. It was with bittersweet excitement that I arranged the room to accommodate her new sleeping quarters. Her excitement when I was finished was a great reward. Sophia and Jazlyn spent much of the afternoon climbing on and off the new bed. Sophia told us tonight at bedtime, giddy with excitement, "Wanna sleep in new bed!!!" (It was the first time that I recall her being eager to go to bed!) So Jared and I tucked her in. Not ten seconds after we closed the door, it creaked open and out she came. We explained that she had to stay put, tucked her in again, and then waited for another appearance. But it never came-- yet another sign of her maturity. Our big girl is sleeping sweetly in her big girl bed as I type.

Ready for three

Testing out the new bed together

Snow Park

There is a point when the snow ceases to be a relevant excuse NOT to go to the park. Even when it's buried under a couple feet of snow. Trudging through the mounds of snow while hefting two children and a watermelon, one laborious step at a time, beats staying in the basement hole you call home, losing every shred of sanity you have left...
Jazi's feet even touched snow!


Is there anything in the world more fun than this!?