Monday, March 01, 2010

Big Girl Bed

Today marks a big milestone for our precious firstborn. We set up her toddler bed. It may not seem like a big milestone to anyone but us, but it is a sign of her maturing and growing. It was with bittersweet excitement that I arranged the room to accommodate her new sleeping quarters. Her excitement when I was finished was a great reward. Sophia and Jazlyn spent much of the afternoon climbing on and off the new bed. Sophia told us tonight at bedtime, giddy with excitement, "Wanna sleep in new bed!!!" (It was the first time that I recall her being eager to go to bed!) So Jared and I tucked her in. Not ten seconds after we closed the door, it creaked open and out she came. We explained that she had to stay put, tucked her in again, and then waited for another appearance. But it never came-- yet another sign of her maturity. Our big girl is sleeping sweetly in her big girl bed as I type.

Ready for three

Testing out the new bed together


erin said...

I can't believe she stayed in bed! That's so fantastic!! Something I'm very nervous about...

The Smackeys said...

What a good little girl miss Sophia is! All grown up in her big girl bed :) Praying that you guys can find a house soon! You seem to be stretched to the limits, but you make it look so organized and nice anyways. Way to go Nae! Love you!