Monday, March 29, 2010

38 Weeks

I don't feel like I have made a lot of progress this week. I've had a medium amount of contractions (maybe 20 a day?), some very mild cramps, and increased pelvic pressure, but overall I feel really good still-- not like I am going to go into labor in the next few days. I am hoping that my body is making progress and I am just not feeling it. I have my next check up on Wednesday, so I will find out then. I forgot to report that at my last appointment, I was dilated to 1/2 cm. Not quite as much progress as I was hoping.

There is not much to report. My stomach muscles are still ripping. I had a bad cold over the weekend that I am recovering from, which caused my ribs to hurt a lot from all the coughing.

I am by no means comfortable, but I am not miserable, which is how I remember feeling close to the end before. It surprises me a little that I am still feeling this "good." I know it can all turn around in a moment and that it could be anytime. Maybe it's the calm before the storm :) It's exciting waking up every morning not knowing if I'll meet our wee babe today, or in 3 weeks. Jared and I both are extremely excited to meet Bug, and the waiting gets harder every day. We are ready for him/her anytime now! I keep telling Sophia that the baby is coming out pretty soon. She always reacts with an excited response, which totally melts my heart :)

Craving of the Week: Cinnamon Crunch Bagels w/ maple walnut spread


carrie said...

I love the photo you put up with the watermelon next to your belly. That was perfect! It really looks like you just have a beach ball in there. You look great!

Kara Jo said...

You look great, Naomi. You've also got that "I'm ready" look now about you, too. Not much longer. :)