Monday, March 15, 2010

36 Weeks

Heartburn. That about sums it up. This kid better have a full head of hair.
I still have no desire to eat whatsoever. I have realized that it is not so much that I have lost my appetite, because I still get hungry, as it is that eating is just not satisfying. I eat to make the hunger go away. But usually my stomach feels heavy and upset after I eat. But if I don't eat, HEARTBURN. So its a trade off.

I think this week has really brought on a new level of immobility. It has suddenly become impossible to get off the couch without help. And turning over at night risks pulling a muscle. Bug must really be packing on the pounds cuz my belly suddenly got reeeally heavy (and is obviously stretching since my muscles continue to rip as I type. I thought I was done with that after the first two pregnancies!)

It's close to the end folks. This rapid decline in comfort and mobility serve as a constant reminder. It has to get this bad before the baby comes, but it means it's coming soon. Knowing my history, I am estimating about 2 1/2 more weeks of this wretchedness til Bug joins us (Mom, I'm thinking April 2-4th-ish, so maybe a birthday twin for you?)

On the bright side, I cannot believe what a little sun exposure has done for my mood! I must have been severely lacking in Vit D, but I am soaking up as much as I can these days! The sunshine has been an incredible medicine for any crabbiness that tries to take over. I love love love it! Oh, and I am also happy to say that my crampiness and back pain has subsided!

Craving of the week: water, but only because it's the only thing that doesn't give me heartburn... most of the time.


Jodi said...

Oh, I had nasty heartburn too! Surprisingly, more with Bee than Grace but Gracie had WAY more hair. It'll be exciting to see what Bug looks like!

April Watson said...

Oh, Naomi, I am so sorry. I had heartburn all through my 1st and 3rd trimesters and it was MISERABLE. The weird thing was, NOTHING made it worse than water did. That's right. Water gave me horrible heartburn. Pregnancy is so stinkin weird. I hope you get some good rest this week.

Naomi said...

April, about 2 months ago water DID give me heartburn too. But luckily, now it doesn't. Soo weird.

carrie said...

the midwife I saw before seeing a doc told me to take my prenatal vitamin along with 4,000 ICU of Vitamin D daily. I think it has helped me not be as cranky. She said we in MN do not get enough from the sun anyway, so a supplement is good anytime-prego or not.