Saturday, March 27, 2010

Princess Report

One day I walked into the girls' bedroom to find Sophia sitting on her changing table. I have no clue how she got up there, and hasn't since. She just smiled sweetly at me and said "Hi Mama!"

Sophie is SUCH a good Mommy. She takes care of her baby all day long, holding her, feeding her bottles, and laying her down for naps.
...Oh, and dancing with her!

Whenever I bring the camera out, Jaz runs over to me and gets her face as close to the camera as possible saying "Cheeeeeeeeese." After being blinded by the flash a few times she learned to close her eyes.

Sophie and her BFF Shirley Jean sharing a snack.

"Big girl" Sophie taking "baby" Easton down the slide!

This is what Jazlyn looks like after most meals. Her hair must be healthy with how many "natural" treatments she applies to it.
Sportin the 'tu

This is a scene that repeats itself every single day...

We dance until we're very, very dizzy

Napping with her baby

Sophia has been a CHAMP with potty training. She almost has it down completely- just working on #2 at this point, she's an old pro at #1 and rarely has any accidents! She is so proud to wear her big girl "unnies" everyday and uses her potty whenever she needs to without any prompting from Momm and Daddy.

1 comment:

erin said...

LOVE the update!
The picture of Soph on the potty made me laugh out loud. She looks like a bride taking a potty break.
Well that or a cream puff. :)
And speaking of BFF's, SJ has been asking for Fwa all day.