Monday, March 01, 2010

34 Weeks

Well I'm not going to lie-- this week has been tougher. My body is starting to gear up for the end, which is a nice way to say it's going downhill. I have noticed much more pelvic pressure now, no matter whether I'm sitting or standing. My hip joints are starting to really loosen up now, and every time I stand up from a sitting position, my hips ache quite a bit. I have to hobble the first few steps. I have also caught myself starting to waddle a little.

But the biggest issue this week by far has been BH contractions. I know I have mentioned them before, but it continues to be a big part of my pregnancy . Some days I have 2-3 the whole day. And some days I have 2-3 in ten minutes. And they are strong! Not at all painful like real contractions, but very tight and very uncomfortable. But they never remain consistent, nor increase in intensity. (Thank you Lord!)

My appetite has still been very low. I usually get hungry in the morning, and eat a good lunch. But when dinnertime rolls around, my stomach feels heavy and eating only makes it heavier. Not much sounds appealing, and even when I find something that does, I don't reap much satisfaction from eating.

My 34 week appointment is on Thursday, and marks the beginning of my weekly visits. This is where it gets exciting, as the end draws closer.

Bug is approximately 4.75 lbs this week, similar to the weight of a cantaloupe.

Craving of the Week: sesame chicken from Oriental Restaurant


erin said...

I like this picture--it looks like you're pretending to be pregnant.

The Smackeys said...

You look amazing Naomi!!!! The envy of all pregnant women at your stage I'm sure.