Wednesday, March 31, 2010

38 Week Check up

As soon as I stood up from publishing my post on Monday, I starting having contractions and suddenly felt crampy. That night, I had intense low back pain and contractions strong enough to wake me up about 5 times an hour, all night long.
Yesterday was quiet, minimal cx's, no back pain, no cramps.

This morning, I had my appointment and was extremely pleased to learn I am dilated 2-3 cm! That is great progress since last week! I have had several strong cx's since my appointment this morning, and the low back pain and cramipness are back. I think my body is gearing up...

Everything looks good with baby's health and mine.

Bug's HR: 120's
BP: 102/74

I think we could be greeting this baby very soon :)


angie said...

eeeh! this post makes me very excited indeed. :) i'm so happy for both you and erin!

Ariel said...


erin said...

I'm dying right now. Dying.