Tuesday, February 28, 2012

31 Weeks

It feels like my body is changing and preparing for labor this week. I have countless (strong) contractions every day. As in, every time I change positions, or bend over, or breath, I have a contraction. Nothing painful ever, but strong nonetheless. I also had a run of two days straight where I had the sensation that blood was pooling in my head and feet. Similar to the feeling of when you hang your head upside-down. I am not sure what that was all about. Hormones maybe?

31 weeks

Maybe more than my body, my mindset has shifted. I am in full-throttle baby mode. I have been listing the things that need to be done before baby's arrival, and getting to work to accomplish them:
-I washed and packed the two "going home" outfits
- I packed the diaper bag.
-We have our baby names decided with the exception of a girl's middle name. So last night we narrowed down the list to four possibilities. We will try to make a final decision on that this week.
-I started working on a labor playlist, gathering songs that I believe will "distract" me and encourage me during the pains of labor.
-This morning, I revised and printed our birth plan to hand in at our appointment next week.
-I did extensive research this week about breastfeeding, and preparing myself for the best possible success

Along those lines, Jared and I have decided that since breastfeeding is so important to us and I have had such ill-success in the past, and because the first 48 hours are extremely crucial in the overall success of bf, we will not be accepting visitors while we are at the hospital (with the exception of family). However, we would welcome and love visitors after we arrive home! Please just understand that breastfeeding is my top priority, and visits will revolve around feedings. I need to do this right this time!

Baby has been on my mind so much that last night I had a dream...

I was laying on the couch watching the kids while Jared was out running errands, and was turning over when I had one strong contraction and the sudden urge to push. So I gave birth (in one push, and no mess!) and held our new baby boy with joy. I texted Jared that the baby had been born, and he arrived home about 20 minutes later. I then spent the next two hours chasing the kids around the house breaking up fights and doing my motherly deeds, all the while passing the baby back and forth with Jared. I was growing ever more distraught as the time passed because I wanted to breastfeed the baby right away, and didn't have the chance. Finally I broke down in tears and told Jared I had not even had the chance to sit down and breastfeed yet, so he quickly assured me he would take over with the kids and handed me our precious baby girl. I looked into her beautiful round face, surrounded by various shades of pink blankie and hat, and fell in love.
The dream was so vivid and seemed long and very detailed. I woke up feeling sad and disappointed that I did not in fact have my babe that I fell in love with in my dream, even though it was gender-shifting AND because I did not experience a no-pain, one push, no mess delivery. :-)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Baby Love

My sister, Anna, came over and did a prgnancy photo shoot with me today.
Click on over to her blog, Etc to check out some more of her work.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

30 Weeks

This has always been a big week for me. I am finally in the 30's. I give birth in the 30's. The end is close!

I am still sleeping really, really well at night, which is a huge relief. The kids have been waking up at night a lot lately, which has been a good reminder of the brutal schedule that my future holds. I am one that relishes (and needs) her sleep. So for now, I am rejoicing in the Lord for granting me such deep, peaceful sleep.

I am having so much fun gathering baby things and preparing for this little one. We got an AWESOME bassinet this week from the Youngmans. I am not kidding, this thing is like the Rolls Royce of bassinets. Jared and I set it up yesterday, and it is stinkin' awesome! It even came with a remote control to operate the mobile, music and vibration settings. No joke.

I also spent every night this week online searching the latest and greatest in the baby world. I feel a little out of the loop already! The best discovery of this week was Comotomo bottles. I thoroughly researched bottles of every kind and decided on these. They are made of a squeezable silicone and have multiple holes (just like breastfeeding) depending on the flow you want (four levels). These have also been dubbed the only true "slow flow" on the market. They got the best ratings of all the bottles, specifically from mothers who mostly breastfeed but need a bottle as similar to breastfeeding as possible. Several people even said that using this bottle helped their baby learn the proper latch when they were having trouble at the breast. Anyways, I ordered two today and am very excited to put them to use!

5oz and 8oz

Choice of pink or green

Squeezable silicone to mimic letdown

Thursday, February 16, 2012

29 Weeks

I am so excited to meet this little one soon! I have started to think about and prepare for all the "infant" things we will need around again. Like clothes for starters. Most of ours have been passed along. Bottles. Blankets. Pacifiers. Bottle brush. Socks. Hats. Diapers. Etc, etc, etc. I am in gathering mode. I was irrationally excited to receive the nukie I ordered in the mail today! Silly, but fun.

Also, exciting news! I finished both baby blankets this week! After two months of labor (haha), here are the results:

For a boy...

For a girl...

Aren't they cute?!

On the not-so-happy side: I have been experiencing an almost constant headache all week. It is throbbing when I go to sleep, and greets me every morning when I get up. I am not sure where this is coming from or what is causing it. Hopefully next week will be different.

Also, I am not entirely sure I will make another 10 weeks. I just don't think there is room. The distance between my pelvis and ribcage feels too small and no matter how I sit, bones are competing with baby. My body remains very sensitive, and I have numerous contractions every day. I am hoping this is really good prep for labor, and that it will make things go quick and smooth.

29 weeks


Yessss... I know this word well.

Monday, February 06, 2012

28 Weeks

UPDATE: I passed my glucose test with flying colors. Not even remotely close the the "cut off." Since sugar is my enemy these past months, I would have been SHOCKED outta my pants if I didn't pass. Also, we met our midwife for the first time, and realized as soon as she walked in, that she is the same woman who taught the Preparing for Birth class we took at Woodwinds prior to Sophia's birth 5 years ago! We enjoyed our visit, and I am glad I made the switch!

Things are getting ever more uncomfortable. My hips ache all the time now. Ache, hmm... not a strong enough word. Shooting burst of radiating pain is a better description. Baby must have had a growth spurt over the past two weeks and gotten huge and... hard. It literally feels like I have a solid basketball in my belly, and I can't bend over anymore without a big struggle. The muscles over my belly are stretching and aching as well. And because of the weight in my belly, my back is perma-sore as well.
My stomach is still as touchy as ever. More often than not, after I eat I feel mildly sick to my stomach. It is the rare (HAPPY) occasion when I feel normal after eating.

Along with baby getting bigger, the kicks and movements are much stronger now. Still the most inactive baby so far, but s/he moves enough now that I don't worry anymore.

I have my first appointment with the midwife on Wednesday, and my glucose test. I keep telling myself that I only have about 10 weeks left... sometimes that's encouraging. Sometimes not.

On a brighter note, I am almost finished with my baby boy and baby girl blankets that I have been working on over the past two months! I will post a pic of each when they are finished.

27 weeks

28 weeks