Tuesday, February 21, 2012

30 Weeks

This has always been a big week for me. I am finally in the 30's. I give birth in the 30's. The end is close!

I am still sleeping really, really well at night, which is a huge relief. The kids have been waking up at night a lot lately, which has been a good reminder of the brutal schedule that my future holds. I am one that relishes (and needs) her sleep. So for now, I am rejoicing in the Lord for granting me such deep, peaceful sleep.

I am having so much fun gathering baby things and preparing for this little one. We got an AWESOME bassinet this week from the Youngmans. I am not kidding, this thing is like the Rolls Royce of bassinets. Jared and I set it up yesterday, and it is stinkin' awesome! It even came with a remote control to operate the mobile, music and vibration settings. No joke.

I also spent every night this week online searching the latest and greatest in the baby world. I feel a little out of the loop already! The best discovery of this week was Comotomo bottles. I thoroughly researched bottles of every kind and decided on these. They are made of a squeezable silicone and have multiple holes (just like breastfeeding) depending on the flow you want (four levels). These have also been dubbed the only true "slow flow" on the market. They got the best ratings of all the bottles, specifically from mothers who mostly breastfeed but need a bottle as similar to breastfeeding as possible. Several people even said that using this bottle helped their baby learn the proper latch when they were having trouble at the breast. Anyways, I ordered two today and am very excited to put them to use!

5oz and 8oz

Choice of pink or green

Squeezable silicone to mimic letdown


erin said...

Both my babies slept in that very bassinet. :) It's a good one.
This is getting very exciting!!!

Jodi Youngman said...

Didn't Jazz sleep in it too? I thought we got it from you guys for Bee. It was originally a shower gift for Gracie but at the same shower we also got a pack n play with a full bassinet so we sent it home with Rich for SJ. Glad it's helped so many babies! (Jolynn used it too!) Those bottles look awesome!

Kara Jo said...

A bassinet w/ remote and some new amazing bottles--fun stuff!