Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pregnancy Dreams...

Last night, I dreamt that an 800-lb shape-shifting rhinoceros was trying to eat me and my friends Reggie and Ronelle, in France (that was actually more like the Philippines). We were using the bathroom in a dilapidated outhouse-shack of sorts, when suddenly a rhino snout as big as my body was trying to bust the door down. I scurried up onto the roof of the shack (leaving my friends inside), and the ginormous rhino reared up on its hind feet and slammed its body against it, trying to knock the whole building over. But then (never fear!) Dr. Cullen magically appeared and fed the rhino some mysterious food, and the giant beast turned into Antonio Banderas. We all laughed and went home.

Pretty creative, right? How many great (weird, dumb) movies have started as a dream do you suppose? Think I could sell the rights to Hollywood?

Monday, December 19, 2011

21 Weeks

Officially 21 weeks today. I have been feeling a bit on the touchy side when it comes to food lately. I would prefer not to eat dinner at all, and most nights I don't. But then around 10pm, my body (and my baby) get irritated with me and demand some sustenance. So I whip myself up a quick snack that always involves peanut butter. Another constant favorite anytime of the day is Honey Crisp apples. Things I avoid because they make me sick: anything overly greasy, anything too sweet. I suppose it is a good season to be sickened by "sweet" things. It'll keep the extra holiday pounds away. I am much more inclined to salty food items.

I am feeling the wee babe kick a whole lot more now. I even felt it through my stomach with my hand last night! Jared has not gotten to feel it yet, but I suspect this might be the week. Perhaps Bambino is planning on giving that to Daddy for Christmas.

Merry Christmas all!

21 Weeks

Thursday, December 15, 2011

20 Weeks!

HALFWAY, folks!
And as my wonderful friend pointed out, probably more than half way in my case! (I usually go early).

Every thing is pretty normal again this week. I haven't felt too queasy, though I have noticed a "sluggish" feeling in my belly, which I'm positive is my metabolism slowing to a crawl. I have also noticed that I usually feel pretty gross after sneaking even one Christmas cookie. Perfect timing, right?

I have been getting more excited about baby this week. I looked back at some pictures of the other kids as newborns and started getting all warm and fuzzy. I also bought some yarn that I LOVE, and am going to start knitting a wee baby blankie.

That's all for now!

20 Weeks

Christmas Through the Years





Our Christmas 2011 is still to come. Tune in after Christmas to see the latest and greatest of our clan!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Here are some pictures I missed of the kids decorating the tree.


Jazi mostly looked on in approval

More Amazingness

My incredible sister is at it again!
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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

19 Weeks

Not much to report this time. Everything has been much the same as last week. I will add that I am feeling those precious wee baby kicks more frequently, and with more strength. I cannot wait until Jared can feel them too!

I finally had my first Dr appointment this week, but I may as well have skipped it and saved the money. It lasted exactly 4 minutes, and consisted of the Dr walking in and asking, "Do you have any questions? Have you had any issues you want to talk about? Your blood pressure and weight gain are great and you look perfect on paper, so unless you have any questions there is nothing left to do here. Let's listen to the heartbeat and then we're done." Sophia and Jazlyn were present and so they got to listen to the heartbeat, which was cool. The look on their faces was worth it. We are planning to bring them to the ultrasound too, which is scheduled for January 5th. I will be 22 weeks for that, so it should be good!

Other than that, I am feeling pretty good. My stomach is just starting to get mildly uncomfortable, but I know I am going to kick myself later for saying that at this stage. I know what's coming, and this is nothin in comparison. Blah.
19 weeks

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Tree Hunt

We went on a Christmas tree hunt out in my parent's field this year! At 5:30pm. Which, as any upper-midwesterner would know, was pitch black. But it was an adventure. The three kids were each equipped with a flashlight, Mama with a headlamp, and Daddy had his high-intensity LED flashlight. So after tromping (and falling) through the field, we chose our tree and Daddy heroically sawed it down.Well... the top 10 feet of it at least. We left the bottom 5 feet firmly planted in the ground. It looks awesome. Half a pine tree. No really.

Jared dragged our 10-ft of enormous pine up a steep hill to our car, then in one Herculian motion swung it effortlessly up on top of the van with one hand. He's mine.

The Fam (minus one, who was NOT in the mood for picture taking) with our tree!

Set up...

And decorated!