Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pregnancy Dreams...

Last night, I dreamt that an 800-lb shape-shifting rhinoceros was trying to eat me and my friends Reggie and Ronelle, in France (that was actually more like the Philippines). We were using the bathroom in a dilapidated outhouse-shack of sorts, when suddenly a rhino snout as big as my body was trying to bust the door down. I scurried up onto the roof of the shack (leaving my friends inside), and the ginormous rhino reared up on its hind feet and slammed its body against it, trying to knock the whole building over. But then (never fear!) Dr. Cullen magically appeared and fed the rhino some mysterious food, and the giant beast turned into Antonio Banderas. We all laughed and went home.

Pretty creative, right? How many great (weird, dumb) movies have started as a dream do you suppose? Think I could sell the rights to Hollywood?


Anonymous said...

Lol! Pregnancy dreams are so vivid, too! Sarah

P.S. Yes, definitely sell the rights for a movie:)

erin said...

Laughoutloud! I like the pictures you chose.