Monday, October 19, 2009

15 Weeks

I am not feeling top-notch today. Actually this whole week has been abnormally tough. People ask me almost daily how I am feeling and up to this point I always tell them "Good, for the most part!" I don't think I would respond that way this week. I have been very nauseous and sick to my stomach almost every day now, as well as having a constant throbbing headache. I also feel totally lacking in energy the past few days. I keep thinking my body will follow routine and I'll wake up tomorrow feeling much better, but it just isn't happening.

I have been on misson to eat healthier, hoping that helps the nauseau subside and increases my energy levels a bit. I am enjoying the healthy foods, and they sit on my stomach well, which is a perk in itself.

I am still not feeling little Bug yet. :( I told Jared last night that I really hope to start feeling those little kicks soon.

I am officially in the extremely uncomfortable awkward clothing stage where all of my normal pants are way too tight, and all of my maternity pants result in major crackage every time I bend over, and I constantly have to pull at them.

Craving of the week: Nothing, food doesn't sound that great right now


erin said...

I hope you feel the kicks soon, too! They help with the nausea.
They make it more tolerable, anyway.
I'm really sorry to read that you're feeling so lousy. When can the girls come over for a playdate?

carrie said...

have you tried the belly band for the in between stage of your pants? a lady at work used it so she could wear her regular pants unzipped and the belly band went over the part that was unzipped to hold them up.