Monday, October 12, 2009

14 Weeks

Biggest sign of pregnancy these days is my belly. I am now already the size I was at about 20 weeks with Sophia. I think I am showing a lot faster, which I hear is completely normal.

I still have not felt much more movement, just an occasional flutter here and there. I am hoping that soon I start feeling little Bug's movements more regularly.

Though much energy has returned, I have really noticed my stamina plummet. You see, I have two little girls, both at ages that still need a lot of holding and cuddling and help with stairs. One trip up the stairs by myself is enough to wind me. When I have to carry two little girls as well, I almost can't make it... and Bug is only the size of a lemon so far! I think it will be impossible to carry two plus a watermelon!

Craving of the Week: cinnamon sugar toast (YUM!)

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Kara Jo said...

Bug! Love the cute names you and Erin come up with for your babies.