Tuesday, February 16, 2010

32 Weeks

I realized this week how little time we have left. I hadn't thought much about preparing for the baby yet, like, choosing a name, for instance, or getting out all the baby equipment again! These things crossed my mind with a bit of panic! I really need to get on that :)

I had my 32 week appointment today and everything is looking great! Bug's heart rate is 136, and s/he is head down (for now at least!). I believe room is getting very tight in there now, because whenever Bug turns over, it is slightly painful. I think that very soon, Bug will be stuck in a head-down (hopefully) position.

I got my waterbirth consent form and birth plan to fill out before my next appointment, which reminds me again how close we are to the end. If history repeats itself, Bug will be here in only 7 more weeks! Wow.

I am just starting to have a little trouble with sleeping now-- something I remember towards the end of my other pregnancies too. It's not that I'm not tired! My biggest problem is when I wake up at night to turn over, sometimes is takes awhile to fall back to sleep.

Craving of the Week: Jared's caramel corn


erin said...

Caramel corn...my nouth is watering.
My baby is coming early, I decided. Like, tomorrow.

Naomi said...

Let me know when you're done. I'll bring you some caramel corn. I also think that makes a pretty swell name- Caramel. Run that one past Richard.

April Watson said...

You're having a water birth! Did you have one with all of yours? I did with Jack and I'm so glad. I definitely couldn't have gone drug-free without it.

Naomi said...

Yes! I am definately doing a waterbirth. I did a WB with both of the girls and completley loved it (as much as one can love labor at least). I agree, I am not sure I couldve done it drug-free out of the water.