Wednesday, February 03, 2010

30 Weeks

Two thoughts have struck me frequently this week:

"I only have ten weeks to go!" and
"I still have ten weeks to go!?"

I was telling Erin this week how foreign the idea seems to not have a baby in me anymore. I came to realize that I have been pregnant more in the past three years than not, so the idea of a flat(ish) belly and being able to lay on my tummy again just seems so strange. As my belly continues to increase in weight and size, so does my discomfort. I am a pretty funny sight trying to fight my way into my shoes these days. Jared was so sweet today-- he saw that I was preparing to put on a pair of boots, so he quietly slipped his arm through mine to support me. It nearly made me cry.

It is also worth mentioning that every night, after I get the girls to bed and lay on the couch to rest for a bit, the contractions begin. These are not the same Braxton-Hicks contractions I had with Sophia or Jaz either. They are tighter and stronger, and a whole lot more uncomfortable. But the timing of these contractions is the strangest part to me, that I get them most often when I'm at rest.

Even as my discomfort increases and thoughts of the end sneak into my brain, I do not feel mentally ready to meet Bug quite yet. So I am thankful for the remaining ten weeks (or so) to prepare.

Sophia continues to show incredible love for her baby sibling in Mommy's tummy. She frequently rubs my belly, kisses it, hugs it and excitedly says "Hi Baby!" I really think she knows there is a baby in there and think she is going to be my little helper when Bug arrives. She also continues to confidently tell everyone that it is a BOY, when asked. Jazlyn is still too young to understand as far as I can tell, though I know she will be intrigued with her new "toy" when Baby appears :)

Craving of the week: brownies


Kara Jo said...

Cakey or fudgey brownies?

I love reading the updates of you pregos. I also love the calmness you exude as you write--especially about the contractions. I think I got myself worked up quite a bit more when I had episodes like that. Good job rolling with it all Naomi.

Love and hugs to Bug.

Naomi said...

KJ- Definately fudgey brownies :)