Sunday, December 19, 2010


Our December has started off with a BANG. December 1st (Jared's birthday), we were moving into our new house! Two days later, we left for Milwaukee for a family wedding.

All dressed up for the wedding!

Jared's side at the wedding

Upon returning home, we spent the week painting and unpacking (next post), and then in our insanity, braved the 8th largest blizzard in the history of the Midwest to get a Christmas tree...

Ready to conquer the elements

Marshmallow man


and insane.

The girls with their favorite man in the world!

How can this many people ALL be so crazy?

Decorating the tree!

Please note the amazing ornament placement. This is my FAVORITE Christmas tree yet...

Our deck after the storm

Our picture perfect picture window.

Each morning brings a new delightful present!

On Wednesday, we brought the girls to their first movie at the movie theater!
Please note: they both wore their Tangled dresses that they got for their birthday. So funny :)

We saw Tangled (HIGHLY recommend!) and they have not stopped talking about it since.

And THAT has been our December so far.
Now, on to Christmas...
Here we go.

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Jennifer said...

seems your family are busy having those great days of yours ..

and you have cute girls ..

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