Monday, August 24, 2009

7 Weeks

Seven weeks today. (I feel like I just wrote about being 6 weeks.) I could pretty much sum up my current state-of-being in one word:


All the time. If I could, I would sleep until 11am, and then take a nap at 2. That sounds great, but far from reality. The fatigue has slowly eaten away at my patience, and I have become a total crab the past few days. I have had to apologize to my husband, and children, several times for my bad attitude and impatience.

Besides the lack of energy, I feel hungry more often than normal, but not constantly. When I do eat, it seems to take more to fill me up. The foods that sound good at this point are: deli-meat sandwhichs (esp with sprouts), cold fruits, raw/cooked veggies, chicken. Anything greasy or fried sounds awful and makes me a little queasy thinking about it! I am not going to survive well at the State Fair next week!

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