Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Family Weekend

It all started with the cajun shrimp BBQ...

Still feeding eachother the bottle

Little Daisy Mae

Uncle Andy playing with Henry

Cousins born 2 weeks apart

Jazi and Baboo

Shredding TP, what else?

Anna's new hot pink Bible (chosen for her, of course, by her three eldest sibs)
LOVIN the new bracelet
Ariel and Benji
Jazi Blue Eyes
Linette and Brian's wedding reception! They got married in Vegas last month!
Jazi and Grandma


erin said...

Seriously, did you get a new camera??? Your photos are fantastic!

Naomi said...

Yes! We did! The Ikea photos are the first ones we took with our new camera! It came the day my family arrived! Perfect timing!!! I turned on our old digital a couple weeks ago to find the screen cracked in 3 places, and the whole screen just showed white. I had just used it the night before. I'm thinking Sophia thought it would make a good bat...