Sunday, August 09, 2009


When we got pregnant with Sophia, no big surprise. Everyone was waiting for it.

When we got pregnant with Jazlyn, bit of a shock, even to us. But everyone understands a surprise baby.

But when we got pregnant this time on purpose, people just think we are crazy. We have gotten the best (worst?) reactions by far this time around. I will keep the comments anonymous.

"Are you kidding me? Well, I am happy for you if this is what you want."

"Oh crap! You're not kidding. No way."

"Wow.... wow."

"Oh my."

"Well... you're going to be a busy girl."

Don't get me wrong-- we have had plenty of enthusiastic congratulations as well!!! We just wanted to share the responses unique to this pregnancy ;)

So far, only indications of the little Bug, is a gnawing hunger that strikes every couple of hours, and overwhelming sleepiness that makes a stealthy attack. Oh, and a dead milk supply. But what else is new.


Ariel said...

Naomi, you and Jared are amazing parents. The world needs more families like you, who consider children a wealth and home life to be the place where we can most effectively serve Christ. I am proud of you guys!

Kara Jo said...

I'm so excited for you! And I'm glad the news is out...I'd accidentally overheard your sis talking about it at church last week and had been wondering when you'd make the announcement. :) Congrats!!!

angie said...

haha aren't people incredible? gotta love all those opinions. i definitely send you guys cyber high-fives for going the family route with excitement!

erin said...

What Ariel said. :)