Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thriftiness at the Thrift Store

You come to realize that you have reached a certain level of "stingy" when you plan your trips to the thrift store only on the days when they are having a 50% off special. I have arrived. And I am just fine with that. I love thrift store shopping. I love finding the treasures among the rubble. It is sort of like a treasure hunt-- an adventure. And I have never once come out without finding some sort of treasure. So, it is all worth it... especially at 50% off!

At our thrift store, everything is 50% off on all holidays. So, I always plan my trips accordingly. Yesterday, being Columbus Day, was my first trip to the thrift store this entire summer. I was very excited and ready to start digging. After 2 hours of wandering the aisles I was very pleased with my findings:

2 new Old Navy shirts for Jared $1.50 each
1 NWA uniform shirt for Jared $1.25
1 long-sleeved stylish flannel shirt for Jared $1.75
1 pair of perfectly fitting Express jeans for me $3.00
1 pair Banana Republic black pin-striped slacks for me $5.00
1 pair gray (with blue pin-stripes) slacks for me $1.75
1 vintage Coach brown leather purse (in very good condition) $30.00




Cara said...

WOW! Sounds like you did really well. A Coach purse, nice..... You are now a member of the club! :) I can't wait to see it--you should have showed it to me this morning! Speaking of this morning, have I mentioned to you how nice it is to have a Nanny (with a capital "N") for Emma who is not only her second mother, but also our friend? It is so fun (and so comforting!) having you come every morning, and then leaving my child in your care, AND YOU ARE MY GREAT FRIEND! Can it get any better? This is all so cool..... Sorry I detracted away from your blog, but I needed to say that!

Great job at the thrift store. Don't be afraid to pick up treasures for Emma, and we will pay you for them!!! :)

naomirose said...

It makes my heart so happy that you think so highly of me as your nanny! I am so pleased with the arrangement as well, and so blessed to have such good friends. Thank you for opening your home to me and being such a good friend to me!

I did happen to look for treasures for Emma at the thrift store! But was unsuccessful this time. Here's why: Mental picture...aggressive mothers. crazy shopping carts. baby's strapped to their chests. Fire burning in their eyes. Find the best deals AT ANY COST.

Get the picture? I went in the morning when all the competitive mothers were their with their babies and there was no way some young woman with no sign of a baby nearby was going to get in their way! Better luck next time. I will keep my eyes out!

erin said...

Woah, ho, ho! Welcome to the club. There's no better feeling than finding a Coach on SALE. Even better--a VINTAGE Coach! I'm so jealous. Can't WAIT to see it! You'd better bring it tonight!
I say next girls night we visit your thrift store--How about on Halloween? Does that count as a holiday??

kristi noser said...

Here's how I shop at the thrift store since I have, well, fitting issues:
Jeans. Fit.
Sweater. Fits.
Shirt. Fits.
Done. Sweet.