Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Holiday Festiveness

Erin graciously pointed out that I have not posted in a week. It's not like I have any great excuse, other than I simply forget I have such a loyal reading audience. :)
Since today IS Halloween, I suppose I can relate a few thoughts on the event...

Jared and I have been getting very festive in our new home, as the holiday season draws near. We are both "holiday lovers" and have started to "get festive" in any way we can. The only thing is, that we have not confined our "festiveness" to one holiday at a time...Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas...what's the difference really? I am afraid that if someone walked into our house they may be confused on which holiday we are trying to celebrate.

We started all the festivities by getting pumpkins in September. (That should set the tone for the whole post...) Jared picked out a HUGE daddy pumpkin for himself and a slightly smaller mama pumkpin for me. And now, after a big night of carving last night, our big mama and daddy pumpkins are joined by an adorable little kitten pumpkin! We have planned several new recipes to try this year for our annual tradition of making flavored pumpkin seeds. We also have been very excited to get lots of little trick-or-treaters, and yesterday went and bought a HUGE bag of candy that contains 102 pieces! (I am pretty sure there are only about 90 at this point...)

Then, only a week later (now the first week of October) we moved right along to Thanksgiving. I bought some very harvest-y salt and pepper shakers that are in the shape of multi-colored corn cobs. They have been brightening up our kitchen table ever since! Also, in the spirit of fall, I constantly have three candles burning: Harvest, Autmumn Wreath, and Mulled Apple Cider. My house always smells DELICIOUS!

And finally, of course, we couldn't forget Christmas! We have just begun our preparations to celebrate this holiday by purchasing a 2-gallon jug of apple cidar, that we have already mulled (with lots of delicious spices) on many occasions! And, to our pure delight, Egg Nog hit the local Wal-Mart a few days ago, and there was no way we could pass that one up! We have been planning all the details of our Christmas letter, and trying to decide on the perfect picture to include. Maybe next week we will put up the tree...

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erin said...

LOL--I'm so excited you guys have a home of your own! Who cares what the holiday is when you can do whatever you want! Let me know and I'll come help you trim the tree!