Friday, October 06, 2006

Russia's Best

Did you guys see this? It was featured on Yahoo a few days ago...WOW! I have listened to this guy twice since then. It is a guy singing in a Russian (American Idol type) compitition, and he hits an incredibly high note-- amazingly high. I am afraid he has his nuts in a rubber band or something!
So anyways, immediatly after finding this video, I had to call Jared to the computer and we watched it in amazement together (Well, I watched in amazement. Jared got that "weirded-out" look on his face, the same one that would appear if a gay guy was trying to hit on him-- you know that look?) But then after the song was done, we both looked at eachother and then burst into song, each trying to hit the note this Russian just hit. We stood in our kitchen taking turns screeching at the top of our lungs trying to hit that note in any way possible. We didn't care if it sounded good or bad, we just wanted to find the note. Well Jared couldn't make it even close, but it was really hilarious to listen to him try. He tried and tried to hit the highest note possible and I stood in front of him laughing and laughing. Then I would try, and he would laugh. It was a really fun, strangely bonding experience for us!
But finally in all of my femininity, I made my way up the musical scale and hit the note! It was at the very tippy top of my limit and was much more of a scream-type sound the beautiful music, but that is beside the point girls! It is definately in the range of sound that, if forced for more than about 2 seconds, your voice immediatly goes hoarse and your throat hurts.
Anyways, watch the video, if nothing else, it is amusing.

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kristi noser said...

I want to know why all those in the orchestra have to play with black bags on their heads.