Saturday, January 16, 2010

Surprise Vacation

Jared surprised me last Saturday by walking me to his computer and showing me that the four of us were listed on a flight to Florida for Monday morning! He had planned a 5 day vacation with Richard and Erin, who we were going to meet there, and told me to start packing!

So Monday morning we got up at 4:30am, and headed to the airport. We flew into Fort Myers, spent a night at a beautiful hotel on the ocean, and then drove to Orlando for two days. While we were there, we went swimming, relaxed (a little!), visited briefly with Pastor Gregg and Heidi, and went to Disney World. Then drove back to Fort Myers for a night before catching our plane home on Friday. It was a whirlwind vacation, and a lot of work with little girls (and a pregnant Mommy), but it was wonderful.

We went straight to the beach when we arrived

Finally at the ocean... Sophia talked about it for days

Pretty pink sunset

Spending more time on the beach the next morning before leaving for Orlando
Sweet moments with Daddy

Me and my girls

Me and my Love


Sneaking some tasty sand

Rockin the shades
Ready to swim!

It was COLD. The daddy's had the job of going in the pool with the girls. Too cold for us moms!
Jaz was way more interested in the leaves than the freezing pool.

Disney World!

DesVousges on It's a Small World

One of many rides on the carousel

Hangin with one of my best girls
Can't go to Disney without getting a picture of this

Sophia's FAVORITE thing in the world right now is Little Mermaid, so she got a very special doll at Disney. She still won't put her down!
Jazi lovin up her new singing Belle dolly!
Both of the girls were fast asleep by the time we left the Disney gates!


erin said...

GREAT photos!!!
I have over 100 to go through...I'll post mine soon!
So glad you guys went. It was wonderful!

Kara Jo said...

Oh that looks like so much fun--so magical! So glad you got to go--AND go with Richard and Erin. :)

Did you have to fly standby?

The Smackeys said...

Naomi! It looks like you had such a good time! What a fun vacation!!! I'm so glad the flights worked out for you and everything else. Love ya!

Ariel said...

So much fun! What a wonderful trip!