Monday, January 18, 2010

27 and 28 Weeks

I missed last week because of our surprise vacation (see previous post). So I will report for the past two weeks.

In week 27, I got a severe case of dry skin and strange dry patches all over my body. I tried to "grease up" with Eucerin whenever I got out of the shower, but even that did not always help. At one point, my skin was flaming red and rough and looked sunburned where it was so dry. Jazlyn has been suffering the same problem with rough, dry skin on her torso. (Time to get a humidifier.) So when I heard we were going to a more humid climate for week, I hoped it would help both of us-- and it did. Since we arrived back in the dry North, I have been trying baby oil as a moisturizer and have been pleased with that so far.

Bug is a little dickens sometimes and is already getting super strong. S/he kicks constantly, and at least once a day (usually more) kicks so hard that I yelp. And strangely, it is usually in the same spot that these blows are delivered. I don't remember feeling kicks of this strength until much closer to the end of my other two pregnancies. My whole belly jumps when Bug is moving and kicking now, so much that I sometimes wonder if other people see it.

I am now down to one pair of jeans that fit, maternity jeans no less (something I got away with not wearing during my first and second). I had two pairs of jeans several sizes larger than my normal size that I was able to wear for the duration of my previous pregnancies, that I have already outgrown. Yikes.

I have the glucose test on Thursday morning, as well as my 28 week check. I'll report then.


Kara Jo said...

You are gorgeous dahling! And the jean thing--my jaw was about on the floor when I read that you got away without maternity jeans for the last two!

The Smackeys said...

I love watching baby-filled bellies jump with life :) You look fantastic babe!

Naomi said...

KJ- I should clarify that my other two pregnancies were in the dead heat of summer, so I wore a lot of dresses, and did wear maternity capris a few times.