Thursday, September 21, 2006

Saga of my DMV Visit

In recent news...
Yesterday I went to obtain my new driver's license. I remembered that it was the big day yesterday (because the DMV testing area is only open on Wednesdays during very limited hours) on my way to work. The thought suddenly struck me that I would be getting a new picture taken-- one that I would be stuck with for the next several years. I quickly checked my outfit to make sure it was worthy of being on my license. Not so much. I was wearing a hot pink t-shirt, which I am positive I would look back on and realize how much fashion sense I lacked "in my younger years." So I decided I would wear my fashionable jean-jacket, with a faux white fleece collar, which I just happened to have with me.

After getting to work, I spent several minutes in front of the mirror pulling at my hair trying to decide up? or down? up? or down? (I literally put it up, studied it, then put it down, studied it, and so on.) Finally I achieved a satisfactory look, though it was not what I would have chosen if I had been thinking ahead. But nonetheless, satisfactory.

I waited all morning, and through lunchtime, until finally the big moment arrived when I could pack up the babe in the car, and head to the DMV (as they are only open from 12:30-3:45). The drive was a pleasant one, characterized by several quick glances into the mirror to make sure my face had not developed a scar or uncontrollable acne in the past fifteen minutes.
But I arrived in the same condition I left in, much to my relief. I happily walked into the building and got in line to take my knowledge test. After waiting a few minutes, I noticed a sign outside the door that proclaimed I needed another "primary source of identification in addition to my out-of-state license." Oh no! I paniced. Wait! I have my social security card. No problem. I will just wait in line, and surely she will take that. Calm down.

My turn came, and I presented her with my old license, and said in a challenging tone,
"I just saw that sign that says I need another form of ID. Will you take a social security card?" There was a message in my voice that just dared her to defy me. But she just chewed casually on her gum, and without skipping a beat, she said "Birth certificate or marriage license."
My eyes grew big and I quickly shot back "Can't I use my social security card?"
"Nope. Birth certificate or marriage license."

Well, since I don't normally carry these documents with me everywhere I go, I gave her one of those "dagger-in-my-eye" looks and turned around to storm out the door. I prepared myself so carefully for this moment. I drove all the way here for this. And most of all, I WAS EXCITED, and now she ruined it!
As I was turning to leave, she explained in a very calm voice that I could still take my knowledge test, but that I would have to bring back the correct documents before they would release my license to me.

This is the point where I felt like a fool. I was making such a big deal and being so mean (even more so in my mind) toward this lady, and the whole time she was not, in fact, planning to ruin my fun. I sheepishly took the test she handed to me and sat down.

Don't worry. I passed. But now I have to wait until next Wednesday, between 12:30-3:45 to go back and get my new license. This time I will be prepared for my picture.


Cara said...

I CANNOT BELIEVE that you would be adventurous enough to take Emma to take a test. Maybe when I think of a test, I think of Boards or something scary, but I can't believe that you would be courageous enough to take her. What if she started crying and you hurried through it and failed it? I am SO IMPRESSED at how far you have come at caring for babies..... You are so good at, and I am so proud (and so glad) that you feel comfortable enough to lug her big head around. Great job, Naomi. We love you! XOXO

P.S. Sorry you couldn't compelte the task. I am irritated for you that you have to go back yet again. DMV's SUCKKK.

Can I write some haiku for you?

DMV's just suck.
They make you bring crazy forms.
Take what I have, bitch!

On a lighter note:

Nanny, you are great.
You lug that child around--
I am just so proud!

Cara said...

OBVIOUSLY, I didn't proof read. I HATE it when people don't proof read.....

naomirose said...

Cara, I especially like the part about "comfortable enough to lug her big head around!" Ha! And I loved the haiku by the way! Thanks!